Wednesdazed and Confused

Elilis Lee & Friends

Wednesday (6pm to 8pm) – Chat, Pop Culture, Current Affairs & Music



What is your show about? 

Genuinely have no idea. Tune in for lots of inane chat, completely inaccurate claims about pop culture and indie music. Unscripted, live, and weirdly entertaining.

How long have you been doing a show?

For a year and a bit now, I think! At first, it was just a chance for my housemate and I to be music nerds, but it evolved into a weekly round-up with the QR lot, complete with half-decent music and ridiculous stories.

What is your favourite feature/part of your show?

Don’t be fooled. This show has no features or parts.. The whole thing is a strange and highly entertaining (at least for us) experience. Stories about Fiona’s mum are always a highlight, though.

3 albums everyone should listen to?

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
Paul Simon – Graceland
Nelly Furtado – Loose

What other shows do you enjoy listening to on QR?

Sonic Sessions, Hipster Von Cliche, The King & I, Meme Girls and Underdog Saturdays are all gems.