By Andrew Wooster – Deputy chair of Queen’s University Belfast Conservative Future.

It seems I’m going to visit my English relatives, indefinitely, if Bumper Graham had his way that is. It was on the Nolan Show when he made the comments:

“All the Tories in Northern Ireland who voted in the General Election, they can get on to a double-decker bus, now I would put them on a double-decker bus and send them over to England.”

Firstly, I should note that if Bumper has made a breakthrough in science, resolving the old Whovian question on whether ‘larger on the inside’ is possible, he should inform the global community. If not, he seems to desire to squeeze an unlawful number of people in one bus!

On a serious note, these are incredibly closed minded comments from Bumper Graham. It seems that if you disagree with his worldview, you shall be packed up and moved out of the country. I’ve always believed that political, religious and philosophical disagreements are no reason to dislike an individual, as stated originally by Thomas Jefferson. Does Bumper disagree?

It is not the Conservative party that has led Stormont to a point of being two weeks from going ‘nuclear’, but the incompetence of the Governing parties. As a party, the Conservatives in Northern Ireland stand for a non-sectarian, economically centre right future for Northern Ireland, but this is somehow the vision to be attacked with such venom?

I would never propose deporting any individual based on political stance, but it is baffling to myself that the Conservatives can be considered worse than the DUP, Sinn Fein or the TUV if you desire a non-sectarian future? Yet Bumper is not proposing any other double-decker buses for these parties!

I am proud to be a voter and member of the Conservatives, desiring a strong labour market to ensure a stronger negotiating position for workers. Furthermore, without businesses we are unable to support our welfare system or continue public services such as the NHS, which is something the majority of the voting public strongly believe in.

So, unless Bumper’s aim is to offer a return journey for every member going to the Conservative Party Conference, I believe an apology is in order for those members hurt by the comments which were made, unchallenged, on ‘the biggest show in the country’.