1: The “Over enthusiastic Drama Queen”  – the student who will inevitably pass but pretends to be freaking that their failing

2: The “Disappointed Geek” – the student who gets 90 and still gets upset that he didn’t get 95…..

3: The “Nosy Parker” – the one student who butts in, asks what your results are and tries to figure out their ranking amongst the rest of the year group…

4: The “Suspicious Student” – the person who totally thinks the school / rest of the state is against him/ her and have intentionally given him / her one mark less than the next grade up…so what does he / she do? gets every paper remarked…

5: The “Crier” – the one who genuinely came out with less than expected

6: The “Liar” – the one who tries to save their souls / reputations and lives from their parents reactions to the truth…because after all, that hurts….

7: The “Game Boy” – the one who did freakishly well even though they spent most of their revision leave playing COD…

8: The “Poker Face” – the normal kid who doesn’t let anyone know what they got, but carries on like a normal day because regardless of the result – it’s not the end of the world

From everyone at QUB The Scoop, we wish every A Level student receiving their results the best of luck!

Tori Watson

Tori Watson

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Tori Watson