Almost £20,000 has been spent by students at Queen’s University Belfast on Elms key card replacements.

Many students who have lived, or currently live in Elms Village or Grant House will know the frustration of having to get their room key replaced.

Both Elms Village and Grant House, both of which are under Queen’s Accommodations remit use an electronic keycard system for students to access the premises and their own bedroom.

Unfortunately this pesky piece of plastic can often go walkabout with reasons for losing the key card ranging from; “I went to get a shower and locked myself out of my room” to simply misplacing the keycard.

The Stay at Queen’s website notes that:

“If you lose your keycard (applicable to Elms Village and Grant House) a replacement keycard can be signed out at Elms Village Reception. The old keycard must be returned to Elms Village reception within 30 minutes. Cards not returned within the time period will result in a charge of £0.50.”

This got us over at The Scoop wondering how much revenue Queen’s Accommodation gathers due to students having to cough up for losing their keycard.

In a Freedom of Information request we found that since 2010 students have handed over almost £20,000 to get their keycards replaced and the money received by Queen’s Accommodation has been on the rise since 2011.

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We were told that this money is spent on the reprogramming of locks, the cost of purchasing replacement key cards and “where required, to engage an engineer to replace the locks.” After that we were told that the remainder is allocated to the general Accommodation running costs.

Let us know what you think about this. Is the cost of getting your keycard replaced too expensive at 50 pence each time, or is that a legitimate price?


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