5PM Thursday 18th February marked the deadline for students to nominate themselves for student office and officially submit their nomination papers. This afternoon, the SU formally announced the official candidate list.

Last year saw 15 candidates stand, a number which many thought represented a sign that student apathy was beginning to melt away. This wasn’t to be the case however, in-fact the turnout last year actually declined, despite the increase in the number of candidates running for election.

As it stands today there are 12 candidates standing in the forthcoming elections, scheduled to take place between the 1st and 3rd March. The candidates are as follows:

Sean Fearon
Re-Open Nominations

VP Welfare
Shannon Downey
Christopher Leneghan
Jessica Elder
Julie-Ann McCook
Re-Open Nominations

VP Equality and Diversity
Stephen McCrystal
Leah Rea
Re-Open Nominations

VP Student Activities
Declan Frith
Paul Loughran
Calvin Black
Re-Open Nominations

VP Education
Oisin Hassan
Bradley Allsop
Re-Open Nominations

It will be interesting to see how big a role the ‘ticket system’ plays in this year’s election. The ticket system allows candidates to form a team, or a party of sorts, in order to pool resources and utilise a ‘safety in numbers’ mantra. This system has been the subject of a wealth of debate within the Student Council, with critics arguing that the system unfairly disadvantages independent candidates and should be banned entirely.

Thus far, there appears to be just one clear group or ‘party’ of candidates running under the banner ‘REUNION’. Candidates in this group include, Chris Leneghan, Bradley Allsop, Leah Rea, Paul Loughran and group leader turned Presidential candidate Sean Fearon.

Despite an active Student Union attempt to encourage more women to stand for election, this year’s candidate list shows a measly four female candidates. Within the ‘REUNION’ group female representation stands at just 20%, a far cry from the equal representation advocated by the individual members of the group. Further issue might be taken with the fact that the 4 out of 5 of the group are white and male, which may provoke the colloquial challenge; check your privilege.

As the election looms there is no better time to get involved and have your voice heard. If you have any opinions, questions for candidates, or interest in writing a piece for The Scoop, please get in touch: @TheScoopQUB or thescoopqub@yahoo.co.uk

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