It’s summer time! And with that brings the scent of late night barbecues, trendy summer-wear and the crippling disappointment of our hopes for a summer that is actually sunny being cruelly dashed… when will we ever learn?! But most importantly, summer is about looking and feeling good, and for over 10 years, Ciara Daly has been helping the people of Belfast and beyond to do just that.
Winner of 'Photoshoot of the Year' Award - Ailin Traynor

Winner of ‘Photoshoot of the Year’ Award – Ailin Traynor

Ciara’s success is based upon a combination of hard work, innovation and, in particular, the desire to embrace a passion for beauty, fashion and make-up which she has held since a young age. “In my 20s, I was doing lots of different sales jobs and working for different companies”, Ciara told Queen’s Radio, “…then when I was 27, my Mum died very suddenly and it just made me realise how short life was and that you have to pursue your dreams when you can”. After successfully training as a make-up artist in London, Ciara returned to Belfast and her dreams became a reality. Opening her first studio in 2009, the now expanded Ciara Daly Make-Up Academy boasts a wide range of courses on all aspects of make-up. From learning the very basics to complex styles and techniques, Ciara is proud that her Academy provides the opportunity for anyone to develop their interest in make-up. “We have girls from all different backgrounds … a lot of guys do it too”, says Ciara, “…all different age groups; different careers already; but all just have the same passion for make-up…”.

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Cabaret Supper Club on June 28th, this passion was recognised at this year’s SHAZ Awards. Successfully holding its sixth ceremony, the SHAZ Awards recognises the hard work of Ciara’s students, as well as others throughout the industry, from models and stylists; to photographers and hairdressers. But, as Ciara explained, there is a deeper charitable cause which makes the SHAZ Awards even more worthwhile: “One of my close friends … lives and works over in Cambodia. So we send her money over every year and she has been able to open up a small school in a village out there, and now she is opening a women’s centre…”. If you would like to find out more about the work of Feeding Dreams Cambodia, click the link here As for Ciara, she shall be experiencing it first-hand – “I’m actually going over to join her in a couple of weeks. So I’m really excited about that … to see where the money has gone and just to get to know all the kids and see what I can do to help”.


Winner of Face of Ciara Daly Award - Claire Gunn

Winner of ‘Face of Ciara Daly’ Award – Claire Gunn

But, if like me, the experience of navigating the make-up aisle is akin to travelling the seven seas with a colouring-in book and a compass made out of cheese, there is one big question which has yet to be answered: what is this year’s main summer trend? Well, in Ciara’s opinion, there aren’t necessarily trends anymore. There is one word, however, which is on the minds of many women: Contouring. So ladies and gentlemen, have your shopping baskets at the ready and pick up these messages – “Some nice highlighting… Some of the CC creams are nice and they give an SPF Factor that’s going to protect you from the sun. It’s not too heavy so it’s nice to wear on holiday. And then something like a cream blush and a tinted lip balm…”. Or even better, why not ask Ciara yourself? Located on Lisburn Road, Ciara Daly Make-Up Studio shall not only offer a fantastic and innovative experience, but also, make sure you look and feel as fantastic as a sunny Belfast summer’s day… whatever a ‘sunny Belfast summer’s day’ is.
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