Despite only being a Queen’s society a matter of weeks, the Student Poverty Alliance Group are already attracting with the promise of penny-a-page printing in the Student’s Union(and 5p for a colour page).The current rate for printing across the university is 5p for a black & white page and 20p per page for colour.

The group commented saying “after requesting that QUB reconsider the cost of printing due to the growing problem of student poverty, QUB have repeatedly refused to budge on this issue”.

The move follows a recent report from our reporter Paul Wyatt who discovered that the university has made over £1,000,000 in the last four years through students using the printing services.

SPAG have said they have a business plan that will be 80% cheaper than current costs of printing in the university. Although no date for the introduction of the cheaper printing has been set, it is believed that the group are considerably far along and hope to introduce the new printing scheme in the next few weeks.

Along with this, the group also intend to send an open letter to the Vice-Chancellor, publicly calling on him to acknowledge the high levels of student poverty and the lack of action, thus far, from the university to combat this.

A representative from the group had met with the Vice-Chancellor in December and, while the VC did express some support for initiatives such as a food bank and more research into exact levels of poverty amongst students at Queen’s, the group feel as though the issue is still not being taken seriously by the University.

Eugene Tinnelly

Eugene Tinnelly

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Eugene Tinnelly