October finally marks the start of another academic year; a fresh batch of first year students finally ready to take the plunge into the unknown waters of higher education, now fresher’s week is behind us. But in this ocean of pub crawls and pot noodles a life jacket takes best form in aspirin and that family pack of Andrex your mum has insisted you bring. Come second year when house sharing starts you’ll relish the days of a seemingly unlimited stream of triple-ply.

The new semester also presents those keen to submerge themselves in the campus culture with an extensive pick ‘n’ mix of clubs and societies to join. From wakeboarding to writing – if you can think of it there’s probably a society for it. If not? Start your own. Mary Berry Appreciation Society here I come – the silver haired vixen making it socially acceptable to use the phrase “soggy bottom” since 2010.

Soggy bottom.

And of course the society which is deeply rooted in my student experience is the one and only Queen’s Radio. Entering into our eleventh year of providing the student body of Belfast a platform to channel their inner Fern Cotton – or Frank Mitchell if you like to keep it old school. The radio society boasts a diverse and vibrant mix of individuals all bonded in their passion for riding the sweet airwaves of broadcasting. Having such an eclectic mix of personalities bodes for another promising year of listening and live events. From laughing yourself a six-pack at our Radio HaHa comedy gigs to basking in the sweet husky tones of local musicians at the QR acoustic sessions.

So with over-brimming enthusiasm and student loans not yet dented by the grim reaper that is rent I wish all those first years luck among you luck on your voyage to a Bachelors, especially those joining our QR ranks. For those returning students like me, jaded by the impending reality of graduation and that vortex they call the ‘real world’ – may your year be bountiful with first grades and 2pm lectures.

Soggy Bottom.

Julie Adams

Julie Adams

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