Jamie Dentith


” You may think that you’re ruined. You may think you’re defeated, but if you love what you’re doing. You’ve already succeeded” – George Watsky.

Role Description

How long have you been at Queen’s Radio?

I’ve been at Queens radio for a whole year, had my own show and it was thoroughly enjoyable!

What do you do as secretary of Queen’s Radio?

As Secretary I am the point of communication for the members, I also have the responsibility of taking the Committee minutes! Relaying it straight to the members, if you need any help don’t hesitate to email me at secretary@queensradio.org!

What is the best thing about Belfast?

Belfast has a little of everything! With it being a student city I have everything I’ll need and more! There’s a vibrant night life, and an excellent radio society * cough * * cough *.

Who would be your favourite artist?

You probably never heard of him, if you do listen to him, you may never again. Anyway I’d say George Watsky, don’t judge me.

Who is your favourite actor?

Definitely Peter Dinklage, for obvious reasons.

What was the first gig you have attended? 

First concert was the undertones with my dad, who followed the band as he grew up. It was good, my favourite concert though was Watsky in Dublin. Have I mentioned Watsky before?Get used to it.