Date: Monday 5th May 2014

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And with that, The Scoop was born and has hit the ground running ever since!

For the last 4 months we’ve brought you the latest and most up-to-date news reports over the airwaves, providing greater insight about stories as and when they have developed. And, it has to be said, the team has loved every second of it.

Broadcasting season certainly started with a bang when we held a live debate covering the Scottish Referendum. It proved a heated discussion, least of all caused by the fact that we squeezed 9 people into our tiny studio!

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As Head of News and Current Affairs, I felt it was only but fair that I should ‘take one for the team’ and venture to Scotland to watch the referendum play out. As you can see it was a hard task…..but someone had to do it!

(Read more here:

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Following our national coverage, we discovered referendums taking place (at what seemed like a never ending pace) right on our own doorstep. Queen’s student’s union hit the headlines in both student and local media outlets due to both the QUB Irish Unity referendum (est. by QUB Sinn Féin) and the QUB Neutrality Referendum (est. by a cohort of Students at QUB) which took place on the same day. We tirelessly followed, and questioned members from each campaign before the big vote, and with new developments appearing everyday, we were certainly kept on our toes!

(read more here:

QUB Referendum Irish Unity:

QUB Neutrality Referendum:


We made QUB student media history, linking up with our newspaper counter parts, The Gown, and co-hosted the Big Live Referenda Debate. The collaboration was a huge success, with both teams working extremely well together to deliver top class multi-platform media coverage of the event. It was so good in fact that…..well…actually I shouldn’t really say….but make sure you watch this space…. 😉


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Although Queen’s is sometimes considered a community within itself, our reporters carried out investigative roles beyond the campus to make sure that you were truly well informed. One reporter who excelled in this area was Deputy Head of News and Current Affairs, Paul Wyatt. Paul conducted an in-depth investigation into the NI Human Trafficking Bill, and was rewarded for his efforts in The Newsletter. A fantastic feat for a newbie reporter, and certainly a talent to watch out for in 2015.


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(recap on Paul’s investigation here: )


Our sports correspondent, Eugene Tinnelly, gave expert analysis across a host of sporting events from rugby to frisbee golf, at Queen’s and internationally. Before Eugene joined the news team, I am ashamed to say that my understanding and interest in football was somewhat lacking….however I’ve found myself glued to his unique style of reporting, and I am a totally changed woman! Eugene thinks outside the box (and I don’t just mean the penalty area) and challenges readers and listeners to do the same through pieces such as “Football – a tangled and confusing web of morality?”.

He also ensures we get interviews with top class sports personalities…..

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For those with a good appetite, our very own ‘naked chef’, Liam Mullan, has been tantalising your tastebuds with our Student Supper Saver Segment. Liam has developed a host of wonderful recipes which won’t burst you bank account, but will tick certainly tick the munchies box. A personal favourite of mine, and a key recommendation for tomorrow (to soak up a little of any potential hangover you may have from a little too much New Year partying) is the Burger special. Nom nom nom!

(see recipe:


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In a short space of time, I think it’s fair to say that The Scoop has made a significant impact on life at Queen’s. This has only been made possible by you, our listeners, who follow our updates, but also a passionate team who work tirelessly behind the scenes. I could not have asked to work with a more dedicated group of people. I tend to develop new and crazy ideas all of the time, but none of the team has ever told me that my ideas are impossible. Instead, they provide solutions and help ideas become realities (*after rolling their eyes behind my back and having minor panic attacks*). For this I am extremely grateful.

Vern McLellan once said, “What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.” If he’s right in terms of The Scoop….well, I’m excited. Aren’t you?



This has only been a quick taster of news stories from some of our reporters, however there are various other stories and audio clips online  at



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Tori Watson

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