‘Taking Stock’ is the fourth feature film by award-winning local artist Maeve Murphy. It stars Kelly Brook as a down-on-her-luck worker who when made redundant by her boss escapes into the persona of famed thief Bonnie Parker.  

The film relied heavily on crude jokes and innuendo, so if you enjoy that sort of thing this film is for you. You won’t be rocking back and forth in your seat, pained with laughter, but the film does have a good supply of effective sight gags now and again which elicit a good chuckle when needed. The idea is inventive, though I’d argue more could have been done with it given the larger artistic freedoms afforded to independent films, but it seems fairly confident in what it wants to be.

In the main, the actors were just okay. Kelly Brook however didn’t quite manage to surpass the model persona throughout the film. Her descent into delusion and grandeur was visually lacking and she appeared the same throughout.

However, a lot of the film’s fun moments could have been really enhanced with a more creative use of camera work and tighter editing. In the final edit, some clips are just too long, and it costs the film in terms of comedic value. Indeed, better filmic choices could have been made throughout, particularly with the music which often feels placed on to a scene as an afterthought. The writing was also lacklustre, with plot-threads that stop and start out of nowhere, and a lack of cohesion between scenes.  A lot of these problems could have been fixed with a few more re-writes or re-shoots, a bit more insistence on getting down to pin-point accuracy; a highly important aspect of comedy.

Overall ‘Taking Stock’ is an average offering. The film was clearly made with a great amount of love and passion behind it. It has its flaws but overall is an enjoyable watch and a good independent film.

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