It is not often that I am lost for words to describe something so great, feel-good and genuinely just moving, however, a Monday night showing from one of Ireland’s top bands left me speechless. Dingle five-piece Walking On Cars made their Belfast bow in a packed out Limelight 2, to what can only be described as a phenomenal reception. Fresh off the news that their debut album had just reached number 1 in Ireland, the Indie-pop group put on a performance that proved beyond all doubt that they really are one of Ireland’s best bands.

Support act for the night was Belfast’s own Owen McGarry, who definitely made a name for himself, effortlessly connecting with those in attendance with his intelligently written songs and pitch perfect vocals. This was a very professional performance by Owen, who didn’t let slight technical problems get in his way, manoeuvring past them with ease (who knew you can actually play on broken strings, up yours Nelly Furtado!).

Taking to the stage, Walking On Cars were greeted by a rapturous reception from the crowd, to which they responded by playing a flawless set of heartfelt indie anthems. The shock of such a reception was clear on the faces of the Dingle natives, who must have only then realised that their music really was reaching all corners of the Emerald Isle and beyond. The sheer happiness that they enjoyed whilst performing was a beautiful sight to behold, staring in complete amazement when the whole of Limelight 2 belted their lyrics back at them.

Their set had something for everyone. Older tracks such as Catch me if you can and Two stones appealed to the more diehard fans, whilst new songs such as Ship Goes Down and At Gunpoint whet the appetite of newer fans who may have only been dabbling in the fine arts of their infectious indie anthems. They show an immense ability to write seriously catchy tunes, that had everyone singing their heart out, old fans and new.

This was a fantastic debut performance for a band that are really taking the music scene by storm, with their debut album now enjoying its third week at number 1. It seems that the only way is up for Walking On Cars, and everyone here at Queen’s Radio will be watching to see how the build upon this surge to the top.

While you are here, why not listen to my interview with the band themselves. Hear how Paul spent his time in the recording studio (Championship Manager!) and how they felt about recording their older songs in a new style!



Ciaran McManus

Ciaran McManus

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