I have been a massive fan of The Coronas for the last 5 years. I have seen them play live countless times during that period, but last Tuesdays show in the Ulster Hall in Belfast was the best I have ever seen or heard them, and considering I seen them play to 14’000 people in the 3Arena; that is quite a statement to make. I have been quite critical of the sound in the Ulster Hall for quite a while, but whoever was on the desk on Tuesday had everything off to a T.

After a rousing acoustic set from the amazing David C Clements, the lights went down and the audible hum that is now synonymous with a Coronas gig was heard, sending the crowd into raptures, however instead of launching into their usual opener How This Goes, they played a new track called Give me a minute; a beautiful piano ballad that builds to a pumping foot stomper.

They eased through their repertoire of upbeat tracks including Addicted to Progress and Get Loose, featuring a mesmeric light display. However their transition between fast and slow tracks was one that deserves special mention as it felt seamless and there was no massive comedown. Their setlist was brilliantly structured to maintain diversity between songs, contrasting anthems such as ‘Just like that’ and ‘All The Others’, with slow burning ballads such as ‘My Fault’ and ‘Someone Else’s Hands.’ Another method they used to avoid similarity, was switching the lead vocals to guitarist Dave McPhillips, for his beautiful song ‘Tell me again’.

The Coronas ensured that fans of all levels were catered for, with new comers being treated to the bands most recent singles such as ‘Get Loose and ‘The Long Way’, while also playing songs from their first three albums for the more accustomed eg. Crowd favourites ‘San Diego Song’ and ‘Heroes or Ghosts.’ They even rounded off the night with a bit of crowd surfing, as front man Danny O’Reilly leapt into the fans during the finale of ‘Mark My Words’. Fans in attendance were also treated to more new tracks such as ‘We couldn’t fake that’ which no doubt left everyone excited at the thought of their new album.

It will be interesting to see where The Coronas go after their split with major label Island, however it will most certainly only be upwards based on Tuesdays performance.

Also had the chance to sit down with Danny and Dave before the show to talk about their new album, have a listen!

Ciaran McManus

Ciaran McManus

Hi I'm Ciaran, just a typical Irish fella, studying Law at Queens, big fan of The Coronas and LFC. Avid WWE Fan, Host of 'The Rambling Man' on Queens Radio and guitarist in The Stereotypes.
Ciaran McManus