Epic Essex quintet Nothing But Thieves hit the ground running with their eclectic self-titled debut album.

Packed to the brim with huge anthems and beautiful ballads, this stunning debut boasts a sound that can only be described as Jeff Buckley meets Radiohead, with more than a touch of Muse thrown in for good measure. Put simply: it’s incredible.

The opening track Excuse Me instantly proves the undeniable talent of lead vocalist Conor Mason. Smoother than even Brandon Flowers, his gorgeous tone immediately sets them apart from other English rock bands on the radio today.

Album highlights include their latest single Wake Up Call (previously picked as Radio 1’s Hottest Record in the World), the riff-heavy, Royal Blood-esque Ban All The Music and Hostage, undeniably the record’s hidden gem. Dynamic and catchy, these exquisite alternative rock tracks would not be out of place on a Reading or Glastonbury set.

Whilst the entire album is incredible, atmospheric ballad If I Get High can only be described as a masterpiece of sound. The track brings a welcome change of pace, revealing the bands ability to evoke a softer sound and demonstrating the full range of Mason’s vocal ability. Alongside beautiful tracks such as Lover, Please Stay and Itch, the influence of Buckley and Muse is clear to see.

At times the album feels too long, indeed the band could have afforded to cut one or two tracks to better retain the listener’s attention. Despite this, Nothing But Thieves is an addictive and eclectic mix of songs that are stadium-ready, and you’re unlikely to find a better alternative debut record released this year.