Three weeks after the release of his highly-anticipated debut album “Telluric”, critically acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby returns to the Limelight stage and treats the Belfast crowd to new songs and fan favourites alike.

Starting off with album opener Belly Side Up, Corby’s unique, extraordinary voice slowly but surely fills the room, demanding the utmost attention of everyone in the crowd. Soon enough, everyone is swaying, grooving and finger-snapping along with Corby as he moves smoothly through his new material, including single Knife Edge. He lets his music do the talking, wasting no time with onstage banter or chit chat, and his transition from song to song is absolutely seamless, highlighting his talent as a live performer. After all, despite being only 25 years old, Matt Corby is far from being a new artist – he’s been touring and making music for over 7 years and his calmness and composure onstage exemplifies that.

Corby’s raw talent takes centre stage on lead single Monday, as he returns to the stage accompanied by only a finger click and the gorgeous tones of his voice which, thanks to a loop pedal, are layered into gorgeous harmonies as smooth as honey. However, it is fan favourites Brother and Resolution that draw the most enthusiastic reaction from the crowd. This is also when Corby seems at his most comfortable – behind a guitar. Corby and his band adhere to the cries of “One more tune!” and return to the stage to plenty of cheers for an encore. They close out the night with Empire Attraction, before Corby performs a beautiful cover of A Change is Gonna Come, which proves to be one of the set’s highlights.

Overall, Corby’s return to Belfast was a successful and exciting one for his fans. However, they also had a shared frustration over the constant dull buzz of chitchat which ran throughout the gig, even during the most quiet and delicate moments of the set! It was a pity but it didn’t take away from the sheer talent of the young man onstage and Belfast eagerly anticipates Matt Corby’s return to Irish shores!