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Episode 1 – Featuring QUB Social Data Scientist John MoriartyStaff_pic

Statistical literacy – what is it, and why does it matter? Numbers derived from increasingly ‘bigger’ data sets, produced by our interactions with technology, the state, the medical system, etc. beginning to take centre stage in the so called ‘data economy’. On one side of the war of data driven knowledge there is the daily mail and unscrupulous marketers, and on the other, there is people like Dr. Moriarty, who are making it there life’s works to master ‘big data’ for good – using it to build models which can help us understand, or even predict social problems like deprivation, depression, and joblessness.

QED is the new Queens Radio mini-show that introduces you to some of the rising academic stars and big ideas emerging from Queens University. One part TED talk, one part ‘the life scientific’, and one part desert island mini-discs, the format is a homage to everything good about academic talk radio, while the content is our very own, often home grown research talent. This is a show for anyone who is interested in hearing from people working at the forefront of research, curious about what’s actually going on in the QUB Ivory tower, or just a bit nosey and keen to learn about the career trajectories (or music taste) of their fellow geeks.

Each edition of QED will being with a 4 minute Q.ed talk, where my guest pitches there unique idea or perspective in just 4 minutes. This is followed by a quickfire interview, in which we unveil the soul (and potentially dodgy music taste) or our interviewee. We’ll hear about their inspirations, motivations, and get some tips for following in their footsteps.  The show will be rounded out two songs chosen by our guest. This week its Ash, and Dr.Moriarty’s very own band. To humble to pick one of his own tracks, I coerced him into letting us have a ear-gander at it.

Ameilia-Roisin Seifert

Ameilia-Roisin Seifert

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Ameilia-Roisin Seifert

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