On Tuesday 26th April, I made the journey see Australian pop sensations, 5 Seconds of Summer perform as part of their Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour in Dublin.  The band’s performance was obviously highly anticipated, with two nights in the huge 3 Arena (the largest indoor venue in Ireland, with a capacity of 14,500) almost completely sold out.

Opening the concert was LA Starlet Jessarae.  The audience seemed to really love him, however I have a suspicion that this was as much due to his typical California surfer boy good looks as much as his music.  I enjoyed the music at the time but overall found him quite forgettable.  If forced to describe his style of music, I would have to say that it’s reminiscent of a boy band singer trying to forge a solo career but being slightly lost without the backup of other singers there.  Despite this, he was a good choice of opener for the concert and his upbeat music and endearing demeanour seemed to make the audience really get into the mood for the rest of the night.   The second warmup act was Bedford rock band Don Broco.  In comparison to Jessarae, these guys had no trouble really getting the crowd going.  Featuring a slightly heavier sound than 5 Seconds of Summer, it was a slightly surprising choice but definitely not a bad one.  The crowd loved them and I for one found myself wanting them to perform more when they left the stage.  However, once 5 Seconds of Summer came on this thought was quickly replaced by how good the main act actually are.  As someone who went in to the concert only knowing a few of their songs, this was a very pleasant surprise to me.

As soon as the band came on stage, the atmosphere was electric, with everyone out of their seats and dancing throughout the entire concert.  Even I found it hard not to get into the spirit of the event, especially when they played my favourite of the songs that I knew, Amnesia.  Being the tour to accompany their new album, Sounds Good Feels Good, many of the songs performed were newer ones.  This didn’t seem to bother most of the fans who were there though, with the audience singing along to all of the songs, including the new ones.  The mix of new songs mixed with some of the bands more popular, older hits kept the audience guessing what was going to come next and the energy levels high all night.  This is a particularly impressive feat for the band members, who were performing in the 27th of 101 concerts worldwide.

The staging of the event was impressive but surprisingly understated for such a big name act, just a handful of different crate style levels for the band to move about on and a display of screens at the back of the stage, which showed graphics expertly matched to each and every song.  There was also a platform extending into the crowd in the standing area, which the audience loved for obvious reasons.  The band themselves stayed onstage for the duration of the concert, with not even one of the time consuming costume changes I’ve come to expect from many concerts… I personally blame Cher for that one.

All in all, it was a really great concert and I am very glad I chose to go to review it.  Contrary to what I previously believed, 5 Seconds of Summer are much more than just Australia’s answer to One Direction and are in fact a really good, talented group in their own right who put on a hell of a good show.