This is the third year during my (prolonged) time at Queen’s that I have served on the Students’ Union Council. I’ve seen a number of councillors come and go, and I’ve seen various discussions and debates take place. This year in particular has been an interesting one, serving as Speaker of the Council has given me the opportunity to sit back and facilitate debate in a way that has allowed me to recognise the interests and passions of student councillors, regardless of which side of the debate they’re placing themselves on.

Now, we all know that The Tab isn’t exactly a shining beacon of high quality journalism, but I felt the need to write this ‘opinion piece’ (yes, the Speaker is allowed an opinion on this occasion) in response to their pretty shambolic account of the last meeting of the Students’ Union Council.

The very last line of the The Tab’s article said, “Turns out council was actually interesting for once” and from a meeting in which the agenda compromised of nineteen motions, three constitutional amendments and six new societies, The Tab focused on just two motions.

Forgive me if I come across as a shepherd protecting his flock here, but if I were to compare this year’s Council sittings to all those I’ve attended in the last three years, this cohort win it for me. I’ve listened to some of the best quality speeches, read some of the most comprehensive motions and witnessed some of the most mature and impassioned debates this year, and we still have two meetings left to go.

The Tab does disservice to our student councillors who have, time and time again proven their worth this year and to say Council, ‘was actually interesting for once’ clearly just reflects the fact that The Tab either don’t turn up very often, or haven’t read the agenda.

Make sure you follow @QUBSU for live tweets of the next Council meeting. I promise it will be interesting, again.