The Students’ Union at Queen’s University Belfast has kickstarted the process of seeking candidates to represent the university’s 23,000+ students.


This year will be slightly different from previous years due to the Students’ Union operating on a reduced budget. Last year, Student Council took the decision to reduce the number of paid positions to just five, a reduction of two from the previous seven positions.

The positions are, President; Welfare; Education; Equality & Diversity, and Student Activities Officer.

But why would you want to stand and what can you benefit from it?

The Students’ Union website lists a plethora of reasons. Some of which include that “you really can make the changes that matters to students at Queen’s” and “you’ll have the power and access to the people who can implement the changes you believe in and want to make happen.” There’s also the small perk of £17,500 and 23 days holiday.

Nominations opened on the 1st February and are set to close on the 18th February, so if this is something you think you’d be good at, get your nomination form in soon and start to build your campaign team. If you’re reading this and you think you know someone who fits the job description of a student leader, click this link to give them that little bit of friendly encouragement to go for it.

Voting will take place through QOL between 1st March and the 3rd March 2016.

Paul Wyatt

Paul Wyatt is one of the founding scoop members. As one of our on-the-ground reporters, Paul reports on anything and everything happening in Queen's, the greater Belfast area, and beyond.

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