“Total amazement” was my first reaction when a new, up and coming band took to the stage in front of an intimate audience.

The late twos, a local Belfast five-piece band, opened for Vant in the wonderfully acoustic venue Voodoo.  The late twos played “Get Down Before I Pull Down” and “Sierra Leone“. I quite liked this opening band as they had a similar sound to Vant but also had a lot of differences as they are the same genre of music but equally contrast each other. They are a spark of what the Belfast indie-rock scene has to offer.

Vant, 4 piece indie-rock band from London led by Mattie Vant, took to the stage in Voodoo, Belfast in front of a discrete audience. They kicked of the gig in style by playing “The Answer” during which they had encouraged the audience to come closer to the stage. Their style was quite “careless” and “do it yourself” attitude.  They take their inspiration from “The Vines” and “The Rolling Stones” and it truly prevails through the music.

Vant recently broke onto the scene their song “Parasite” which Zane Lowe Played 3 times on one show as he loved the song so much. During the gig before they played “Parking Lot”, the band had announced that they have been included in BBC Radio 1’s “In New Music We Trust” playlist. Previously to all these achievements they recently made a name for themselves on numerous tours and festivals such as the “Leeds and Reading Festival“.

My favourite section of the gig was when Mattie Vant came into the crowd playing the guitar and jamming with the audience as well as the honest words of the song and guitar riffs. To say that they are very interactive with the audience is an understatement. At the end of the gig the band even invited the audience back to their bus for a few drinks if they didn’t have any work in the morning. Definitely must see bands!

Below is the interview which is conducted before the gig. Hope you enjoy!


Stephen Mc Dermott

Stephen Mc Dermott

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