Welcome to QR Show in the spotlight. This week featuring QR’s flagship News and Current affairs show ‘The Scoop’. Getting all the latest from Deputy Head of News and Current affairs, Tori Watson.

As I can’t remember the last time I bought a newspaper (certainly not as a student) it made me think, if really ‘what is happening on the news’ actually affects students? It seems that we spend 3-4 years of our lives disjointed from the ‘real world’; unless it involves £2 drink promos or a cure to a hangover … then I’m interested. So when talking to Tori from The Scoop, I was interested to see how the news and current affairs show on Queens Radio was progressing.

The Scoop (which airs every Monday from 6pm-7pm) is solely focused on News and Current affairs and how this has an impact on QUB Students. This is the first year of the show hosted by Tori Watson who after 5 months placement with BBC, and a general interest in politics, decided to start The Scoop on Queens Radio. Since it started she says she has allowed it to organically grow with a team of 15 members (and interested in expanding further).

The show regularly features guests including students who may be lobbying, local councillors and MLA’s, come in and talk about topics which affect students, which then allows students to debate with these representatives. The major topic at the moment for the scoop is the launch of an Irish unity petition from the fresher’s fair, and this week’s news of a neutrality petition launch, which have both been verified. These will be presented to the entire student body at QUB, on Monday 27th October 2014. Tori also revealed that The Scoop will be holding a hustings during the run up to the 2015 Westminster Elections, getting representatives from main political parties who are running for election to come and have open panel discussions to a student audience, giving them the opportunity to ask representatives questions on topics that are key for students. Although covering general topics The Scoop is also taken in a personal direction, this is reflected in discussions ranging from student hardship funding, trouble with your landlord, or guidance with revision. Emphasizing how it has the interest of QUB Students at its core.

It was evident when talking to Tori that this was a show making News and Current Affair accessible and relatable to students. They’re concentrated on topics that students are passionate about and if you want to talk about anything whether it is News, politics, getting involved with The Scoop or simply where the best place to live as a student at QUB is, then contact them on their Facebook, Twitter or via email which is provided below.

Facebook: QUB The Scoop

Twitter: @thescoopqub

Email: thescoopqub@yahoo.co.uk

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