Every year, cancer affects and ultimately destroys the lives of countless people across the globe. Yet, every year, individuals from all walks of life come together in numerous ways to help combat this disease through phenomenal charitable initiatives and awareness campaigns. This edition of QR Spotlight looks at the efforts of one of our own… Say hello to Tabitha Buckley!

As I sat down with Tabitha, a sense of her accomplishment was evident in more ways than one. A culmination of almost 2 weeks fundraising, Tabitha has chosen to donate almost ALL of her hair to The Little Princess Trust. Proudly sporting her Stand Up To Cancer t-shirt, the third year English with Creative Writing student explained how it was all just a matter of wanting to do something a little different and to make a worthwhile contribution. “It was my birthday and I wanted to mark it in some way other than just a massive payslip, which gets old…” said Tabitha, “…you get bored of hearing every year that, like, ‘such and such has died of cancer’… ‘such and such has been diagnosed’ and you’re like, ‘what am I doing about it?’.”


Before and After: Tabitha shall be donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust specialises in creating real hair wigs for young children in the UK and Ireland who have lost their own because of their cancer treatment. Tabitha shall also be donating all monetary proceeds to Cancer Research UK. Tabitha’s total currently stands at an impressive £378, but you too can also donate – no matter how big or small – “…both charities have their own websites and you can just donate through the charity… as a fundraising thing of a large amount… or just a single donation of a smaller amount. So it’s fairly simple to give money.”

From National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) to Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (April), the fight against cancer is a continuous, year-round battle. Almost of all who are reading this will have either donated money before or participated in an event to raise money and awareness in some form. However, there may also be some reading this who are interested in Tabitha’s fundraising and would like to follow her example, but may be unsure or apprehensive. After all, Christmas is approaching and it is getting pretty cold! But as Tabitha told us, “Just do it… This would probably be the best time in your life to do it if you’re at university. Do it as your last big rebellion before you have to go out and face the world… and also, it looks better than you expect… I finally have depth perception!”. 


Along with Kieran Sands, Tabitha presents Audio Daddio every Tuesday from 7pm on Queen’s Radio.

To find out more about the work of Cancer Research UK and The Little Princess Trust, click below:

Cancer Research UK – www.cancerresearchuk.org

The Little Princess Trust – www.littleprincesses.org.uk


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