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Under the cover of night, modern-day horror punk icon Wednesday 13 concluded the Irish leg of his touring schedule, in support of his brand new album Condolences, with a frighteningly strong performance at Belfast’s Limelight 2 filled with spectacular visuals and fantastic music.

Everyone loves a good scare. It’s true, right? While we may cower behind a pillow watching the latest horror flick just wishing the experience would end, there is something exhilarating and lovable about it. The storytelling, the imagery, and at times the downright silliness of it all comes to make a captivating roller coaster ride for the audience. It is these characteristics, along with his deep appreciation for horror movies, that horror punk superstar and ex-Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13 has used to solidify his own brand of horror-inspired music and follow in the footsteps of rock n’ roll legends Alice Cooper and Misfits in bringing the fun and mystique of all things that go bump in the night from the silver screen to the music world.

That energy once again resurfaced with the release of Wednesday 13’s brand new studio album, and his premier record on Nuclear Blast Entertainment since signing with the label, titled Condolences. In the depths of Belfast’s Limelight 2 venue last week, the second date on his Irish touring schedule, Wednesday 13 sat down with Queen’s Radio to chat about the making of this record and explained the differences between this and his previous albums. “The writing process was totally different this time”, the North Carolina native stated, “over the years, I used to just do demos and I would send it to the guys […] and we would work on our ideas and then just get to the studio and just kind of do it. This was the first time we actually sat down in a room and kind of wrote it from scratch – and that was a totally different thing […] so I think that’s why it’s one of our favourite things we’ve done and it’s so close to us because we took so much time on it – we took three months off last year just to finish the whole thing.”

Listen to Queen’s Radio’s interview with Wednesday 13 below! (Please note: due to backstage noise interference from an air conditioner, the audio is at some points of poorer quality – apologies in advance)


So Long Until The Séance (S.L.U.T.S)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Black Veil Brides and Misfits had procreated? S.L.U.T.S is your answer – and aren’t they just the most wonderful bundles of joy you’ve ever seen?! Finalists at Belfast’s Bloodstock: Metal 2 The Masses competition from earlier this year, they certainly lived up to that status with a delightful support set. Ultimately infectious (I haven’t stopped humming the melody to their single ‘Dead Pretty’ for days), once you start listening to them, including their debut EP Seducing The Devil, you will struggle to stop. The perfect appetiser for the evening!

Want to find out more about one of Northern Ireland’s hottest and eye-catching metal bands? Check out their Facebook and Youtube to find out more.

Wednesday 13

Amidst a cloud of smoke and with expert use of a wind machine that would teach Marilyn Monroe a thing or two, Wednesday 13 brought the house down with a fantastic showcase of what makes his music and performances stand out in the 21st century metal scene: atmosphere; theatre; and, of course, rock n’ roll. Bursting into life with ‘What The Night Brings’, the first track to be released from Condolences, Wednesday 13 put on a cracking show. Song after song; costume change after costume change – simply flawless. Plus, if you’re a fan of the occasional f-word and a middle-fingered salute, then you’ll “love” the closing tribute to an insanely fun Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 track (don’t pretend that you don’t know which song I’m talking about!).

Wednesday 13’s brand new album ‘Condolences’ is OUT NOW! Catch up with Wednesday 13 on his official website and Facebook for news, updates and loads more. It’ll be scarily good! *Cue demonic laughter*

Did you miss Wednesday 13? Don’t worry! October sees the return of Wednesday 13 to U.K.and European shores for the ‘Bloodsick’ Tour. Dates for this tour are listed below:

Wednesday 13 Bloodsick U.K./European Tour 2017

26.10. Club Academy – Manchester, UK                                  07.11. Chelsea – Vienna, Austria
27.10. Garage – Glasgow, UK                                                     08.11. Hansa 39 – München, Germany
28.10. Islington Academy – London, UK                                   09.11. Kellerclub – Stuttgart, Germany

31.10. La Boule Noire – Paris, France                                       10.11. Legend – Milan, Italy
01.11. Upstairs @ Melkweg – Amsterdam, Holland               12.11. Werk 21 – Zürich, Switzerland
02.11. Bi Nuu – Berlin, Germany                                               13.11. D Dortmund – FZW Club – Dortmund, Germany
03.11. Headcrash – Hamburg, Germany                                  14.11. Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, Germany
04.11. Beatpol – Dresden, Germany                                         16.11. Nosturi – Helsinki, Finland
05.11. Rock Café – Prague, Czech Republic



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