On Valentine’s Day, The Sherlocks came to Belfast to perform in Voodoo for what was to be their first Northern Irish gig.

The Belfast show was the 11th out of the extensive 38 date tour, however the energy and enthusiasm delivered by the band made you feel as though this was the first. As a self-described avid concert goer myself, I was excited to not only visit a new venue, but also to finally listen to the songs I have had on repeat for the last few weeks live. And I was certainly not disappointed.

Voodoo was an excellent venue for this particular gig. A slightly raised stage, a blacked out room with only the stage illuminated set the perfect atmosphere for the night to come. It was an extremely intimate set up; it almost felt like the band were in the crowd, rather than place themselves on a high-rise stage for people to look up to them. This was just one of many reasons why I enjoyed the gig so much. It felt like they were actually engaged with their audience, rather than just playing to them.

he setlist was an hour-long, punchy set intermixed with guitar driven musical interludes which brought an element of uniqueness, and also seemed to connect all the songs together. The set started out with “Last Night”, a classic indie rock song and the perfect song to start off the show. It got the crowd out from the shadows and directly onto the floor, setting the precedent for the rest of the night.

As the show went on, The Sherlocks smashed through their setlist with songs like, “Escapade” and “Will You Be There?” – both high energy, guitar driven songs which had everyone screaming at the top of their lungs along. Especially in “Escapade”, you could hear all the individual instruments that make that song so special live.

Towards the end of the set, The Sherlocks played some of their more recent songs, such as “Live for The Moment” which currently has just over 882,000 Spotify stream plays, and their most recent single, “Was It Really Worth It?”, a song with an anthemic guitar riff throughout. To me, their music almost feels nostalgic of classic Indie bands with their own original take.

However, for me it wasn’t just the music that I found to be the best part of the night, it was the audience who attended the gig as well.

When I spoke to Kiaran a few weeks ago in the run up to this tour, he commented on how there was an obvious want for guitar playing bands back in the music industry.

I’ve been to many gigs over the last few years where the vast majority of the crowd have been teenage girls, who will claw their way to the front regardless of the people around them. However, I was pleasantly surprised when this wasn’t the case at The Sherlocks.

The crowd was a mixture of old and young, and both men and women. So to me, this just showed that people weren’t just there for the band, they were there because they genuinely loved the music they were playing. I’ve never attended a gig before where I have seen strangers of all ages dance and interact the way they did at The Sherlocks.

The Sherlocks are a band for the people; who don’t put a label on their demographic and go on extensively long tours because they genuinely enjoy playing their music to people. I’ve been finding it hard to put exactly into words how much I enjoyed myself at this show, but I hope this does it justice. It was a night jam packed full of good people, and even better music. Without a doubt in my mind, when The Sherlocks return to Belfast, I’ll be up front and centre singing along to every word.

Jessica Lawrence

Jessica Lawrence

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