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Hot on the heels of the release of their second album, Acid Roulette, Texas rockers Scorpion Child kicked off their UK tour in stunning fashion beneath the streets of London at The Borderline.

If you read my review of their behemoth Acid Roulette from earlier this year (and if not, why not?! click here for more) then you’ll know that I have nothing but high praise for “The Child”. Their explosive, yet sublimely passionate, sound and aura harnesses the spirit of the glorious age of 1970s rock and gives it a 21st century stamp. In short, Scorpion Child are not just a “rock band”; but a true rock band. But also, a rock band on tour!

Fast forward to all-hallows eve and the quintet commenced the UK leg of their European tour, with frighteningly good support from Black Country boys The Bad Flowers and the awesome Jared James Nichols. Prior to their set at The Borderline, Queen’s Radio spoke to Scorpion Child’s vocalist, Aryn Jonathan Black, who told us about the dreams that inspired Acid Roulette. “…I was having these dreams, and I kind of put the story together based on a combination of the dreams…”, Aryn explained, “…when I was thinking about, as far as some of the lyrical subject matter that we already had prepared for the record … I was quickly changing certain things to allow the story to make more sense to me while we were in the studio recording it – and it just bloomed; it blossomed.” 

Listen to Queen’s Radio’s interview with Scorpion Child’s Aryn below! (Please note: during this interview, The Bad Flowers’ set began and the interview audio is, at points, of poor quality – apologies in advance).


The Bad Flowers

Kicking off the night in tremendously loud fashion (yes, that is them that you can hear in the interview!) were the Cannock trio, The Bad Flowers. Although I missed a portion of their set whilst interviewing Aryn, what I did catch of them was enough to convince me that they were the perfect kick-off. Stand out tracks included the brilliant ‘Hurricane’ and, considering our location, the appropriately named ‘City Lights’.

If you want to listen to more from this unknown gem and their re-released self-titled EP then visit their Facebook page or their website to find out more!


Jared James Nichols

What is it about awesome three-pieces at this gig?! Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Jared James Nichols, this set was filled with groovy and hammering riffs, vicious drums and rampant guitar solos reminiscent of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan – the latter resulting in a broken top G string during the first song. Closing with a great rendition of Mountain’s classic rock anthem ‘Mississippi Queen’, the U.S. trio drenched the stage with a southern swagger that will not only leave you wanting more, but it also set the tone for the arrival of Aryn and co. “That’s how you play a 5-string” – Nichols doesn’t lie.

Want to find out how often he plays 5-string guitars? Yes? Then check out Jared James Nichol’s Facebook here.


Scorpion Child

Exploding into their set with Acid Roulette’s glorious opening trio ‘She Sings, I Kill’, ‘Reaper’s Danse’ and ‘Woman in Black’, “The Child” not only topped off a fantastic evening of rock n’ roll with an energetic and atmospheric performance, but they avoided the often inevitable pitfall with many bands for “not sounding as good as they do on the record”. They sound just as good and then some! They are a well-oiled Texan musical machine and Aryn’s stage presence and microphone trickery could rival that of Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler. In my earlier interview, I told you to check them out whenever you can – now, I reiterate that statement tenfold. You’re welcome back to Britain (and especially Belfast) anytime guys.

Look out for Scorpion Child coming to a town near you by checking out their Facebook, Twitter or their official website.


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