Queen’s Radio got the chance to catch up with Dick ahead of their Limelight gig on November 25th, where we talked politics, Portrush and parenthood.

“You know, I was walking around town today and I overheard people saying that Electric Six just aren’t as cool anymore” claimed Dick Valentine, the iconic front man for the Detroit six piece. Whether or not this did happen, one thing is clear: Electric Six ooze rock and roll- exactly what the band wanted to achieve when formed in 1996. Chatting with Dick, two things are clear; he loves his job and he is a rockstar… A rockstar who has just bought a house in Dungannon.

Before the gig, I had many people ask who Electric Six are, their memory jogged by the titles of Gay Bar and Danger! Danger! High Voltage. Undoubtedly one of the most underrated bands of this era, Electric Six capture the audience from the second they step on stage, parodying perfectly the life of a rock and roll band. Valentine proclaimed the gig “a liturgy” and as with a religious service, the crowd worshipped the band and chanted every word- through all 21 songs. With 12 albums under their belt in 10 years, Electric Six have continually raised the bar, and not once stopped the feel good tunes and awkward crowd-dancing (from me, at least). If you haven’t seen them live, it’s completely worth it- it’s not often a band packs out Limelight when they’re mainly known for two songs, eh?

Listen to Queen’s Radio’s interview with Electric Six’s vocalist Dick Valentine below!

Let’s not forget the band’s support- the funky French We are Z wooed fans old and new, adjusting their setlist to requests from front row fans. Prediction: these guys will be huge in a few years, check out their album, Animal, available which is available now.

Dick Valentine (centre) and Electric Six performing “Down at McDonnelzzz”

Electric Six’s new album Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres is out now- and will make the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones.