To celebrate the release of their album ‘Wild World’, Bastille returned to Belfast as part of their tour, playing the SSE Arena, their biggest Belfast concert they’ve ever played. 

Unlike most concerts with the simple dimming of the lights and walking on stage, Bastille really changed the way a concert can be kicked off by having the screens project a news report introducing them to the stage and then upon entering the arena, they kicked off the night with one of their newer songs, Send Them Off!, with such an energetic performance which really helped to set the tone for the night.

Playing a mixture of songs from Wild World and their first album Bad Blood really helped to add to the enjoyment of the night as old fan favourites could be heard such as Laura Palmer and also newer songs that are quickly becoming something that can be enjoyed meant that no one really knew what was coming next thus adding to the excitement when a personal favourite was performed. A huge amount of energy had been put into the night, as well as interaction with the crowd helped bring everyone closer to the band (with Dan mainly asking anyone to teach him how to dance, something that he believes that he can’t do very well!).

As seems typical with Bastille concerts, part of the night, by lead singer Dan Smith, was not only enjoyed on the stage itself but in the crowd, beginning firstly with Flaws (a song that is normally always sang live from within the crowd itself) with Blame also being enjoyed in a closer, more intimate environment by fans. Another news report signaled the beginning of the encore but was also used with the specific purpose of allowing the members time to make it around to one of the balcony’s overlooking the crowd to perform Two Evils before heading back to the stage to perform the last two songs of the night.

The night closed with Pompeii, what many people would class as the biggest song by the band from South London and the one that helped to shoot them to success. It was the performance of this song that had the whole arena on their feet, singing along and jumping to the chorus and the song that also helped to bring everyone together.

As a band who had one of their first gigs in Belfast in Mandela Hall, they have achieved massive success over the past number of years, to the surprise of the band themselves who simply couldn’t believe that they were there. Despite the size of the arena, interaction with the fans was still possible (something that isn’t always possible with larger venues) and it was certainly a night to be enjoyed, for fans of Bastille both young and old!

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