A kaleidoscope of colourful lights, catchy tunes and plenty of dancing heralded the arrival of Glasgow synthpop group, Prides, on what was their debut performance on a cold and rainy Thursday night in Belfast.

Imagine you’re starting a band with your friends. You dream about writing and composing an album, maybe touring. Now, picture your music being featured on a massive video game, or perhaps having the opportunity to perform at a major sports event? Those final scenarios sound like unrealistic childhood fantasies, right? Well, in the case of Prides, you’d be completely wrong. After a breakthrough year in 2014 which saw their track ‘Out of the Blue’ being featured on the FIFA 2015 soundtrack, a performance at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the release of their EP The Seeds You Sow, 2015 has seen the trio release their debut album The Way Back Up and embark on a UK tour, along with fellow Scottish group, Fatherson.

Earlier on, Queen’s Radio were lucky enough to sit down with Ross Leighton of Fatherson, who would be providing solo support in Belfast, to chat about the tour. “It’s just been a lot of great fun… it’s nice to go on tour with a band you know so well…”, said Ross, “…we’ve been friends with those guys from they started… It was just like an 11-man touring party that had all been pals for years, so it was really no stress and just good fun…”. The final leg of the tour, however, has also seen the release of Fatherson’s brand new single, ‘Always’, which has received significant praise, including being featured as “Single of the Week” on The Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland – an achievement which Ross was clearly proud of. “I’ve never experienced anything like it… for you to be the, sort of, “poster boys” for “Single of the Week” is crazy…”, Ross explained, “the radio across the board has been incredibly supportive… from all facets of it it’s been incredible… so hopefully going in to this [new] album campaign, we’ll be able to keep building it from there…”.

Listen to Queen’s Radio’s full interview with Ross Leighton below:


As the evening finally descended upon us and the doors to Limelight 2 opened, the first support act, LORIS, set the tone for what was to be an enjoyable night. In a set which contained insanely funky melodies and lyrics with songs like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Black Magic’, this Belfast quartet, who shall also be providing support at Emerald Armada’s EP launch on December 4th at Limelight 1, are a local band which you should definitely look out for in the future. Plus, LORIS’ keyboardist and drummer seamlessly swapped roles towards the end of their set. Very impressive guys!

To find out more about one of Belfast’s exciting new bands, check them out online:

Official website: www.lorisofficial.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/lorisofficial, Twitter: @LORISofficial

Following the impressive LORIS was an equally impressive acoustic performance by Ross Leighton, filled with a powerful vocal prowess to compliment the stripped-down renditions of Fatherson’s material. Blending sing-along anthems (‘Half the Things’; ‘I Like Not Knowing’) and softer numbers (‘Dust’) from their debut album I am an Island with tracks from their upcoming album release, including ‘Always’, Leighton’s set completely changed the mood and aura of Limelight 2, creating a very personal atmosphere with a few jokes and stories between songs. An overall spine-tingling performance. Plus, Fatherson in their entirety shall be back very soon – great news!

To keep up to date with Fatherson, including any upcoming tour dates and music releases, check them out here:

Official website: www.fathersonband.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/fathersonband Twitter: @fathersonband

With the crowd warmed up and ready to dance themselves into the night, Prides took to the stage with a thundering drum introduction and a blinding array of colourful lights. As someone who was previously unfamiliar with the group and with no idea of what to expect, I couldn’t help but succumb to their infectious synthesizer hooks and enthusiastic stage presence which clearly resonated with the rest of those in attendance who were dancing, swaying and singing. Notable tracks of the evening included the tug of war been between the heavy drum beat and a very catchy synthesizer called ‘Out of the Blue’, ‘Little Danger’ and a refreshing cover of Ellie Goulding’s ‘On My Mind’. From one Scotsman to three others, all I can say is… OCH AYE LADS. OCH AYE!!!

Follow Prides on social media and look out for them at a venue near you:

Official website: www.pridesband.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Pridesband Twitter: @PRIDESband


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