I sat down with Scottish rock band Fatherson to discuss their album Open Book, playing their biggest Scottish show to date and their favourite bands!

QR: How’s the tour with Augustines been so far?

Ross: It’s been really cool because we’ve played some places in Europe we’ve never played before, like Zurich. It’s also been nice to play some venues we’ve never played in before either. The last few times we were in Belfast we played in Limelight and Voodoo so it’s nice to play somewhere new [The Empire].

What do you guys think of Belfast?

Marc: We have a lot of friends over here so it’s always one of our favourite places to play. We haven’t been over in a while so we’ve been itching to come back!

How has the reception for your newest album Open Book been so far?

M: It’s been really good, really positive. It’s been nice playing new songs live because that’s when you can see what people really think of the album and our new songs have been getting a good, if not better, reception alongside our old songs. It’s nice to see, especially during festival season.

Why did you choose to record at Rockfield Studios, and what was it like recording at such a legendary studio?

Craig: We wanted to go to a residential studio because the opportunity to lock ourselves away from everything else and focus solely on creating music was really important to us. Rockfield Studios obviously stood out to us as one of the most iconic studios in the UK, so it was a no brainer.

M: We looked at loads of studios and never thought we’d be able to get Rockfield! It was definitely a very good decision to record there.

Is it nerve-wracking to record somewhere so famous, e.g. where the likes of Queen have recorded music?

M: I was more excited than nervous to record there because the studio has a really nice feel. The people who work there have worked with so many bands that have come through and they know how to look after you really well, so the place has a really good vibe and it’s nice to record there.

What are your writing and recording processes like as a band?

M: A lot of our songs will come from something Ross has started. Other times, songs spring up from just being in the room together. The first single from the album, Always, just happened in about 45 minutes of messing about in Glasgow, so we don’t necessarily have a set pattern for writing songs.

R: That’s how you stop it from being boring!

C: The definition of madness is repeating the same process and expecting different results, so we try to avoid that with our songwriting.

What’s your favourite song on Open Book, and why?

M: Just Past The Point of Breaking… because it’s the best one!

C: I’m going to pick Sleeping Over. I don’t have a reason why, it just reminds me of being in Rockfield on a sunny day!

R: I’m going to say the title track, Open Book. It’s pretty cool, it sticks out for me on the album.

You guys have a massive headline gig planned for 23rd December in Glasgow. Anything special up your sleeves? 

M: Nothing Christmassy!

C: Christmas tuxedos…

Are you excited to be playing such a big gig at home?

M: Shows in Glasgow are always fun because we are bigger there than anywhere else so it’s always a bit weird, a bit different.

R: Our main support is a band we’ve toured with a lot, PRIDES, so I’m really excited for a night of hanging out with friends and playing music.

What are your current favourite bands?

C: Glass Animals has been on pretty much non-stop in the van on this tour, as well as the new Bon Iver record.

M: I was at a gig in Edinburgh where the Bon Iver album was played in full before the band came on. That was pretty weird for a gig!

R: We played with Black Foxxes the other day, they’re a really great band. Lonely The Brave have been releasing some really great music as well.

C: The new Japanese House single is great too!

Fatherson are going on a massive UK tour next year and you can check out their tour dates on their website. You can also stream / buy their record Open Book on Spotify and iTunes!