Mixtape has returned and this week I asked our members and presenters to tell me about the songs that get them motivated. As we struggle through the post-Christmas blues of second semester, we need all the songs we can get for power walking to a lecture, smashing through 1000 words of an essay in McClay or pushing yourself through that extra half hour in the gym! Read on for an eclectic mix of motivation inspiration!

Moral Of The Story – Watsky (Jame Dentith, Making Waves)
Well for me, my motivation song without a doubt is Moral of the Story by Watsky. There’s just something about songs that include dragons and a love of writing that releases the nerdy energy I need to work!

Get Better – Frank Turner (Chris Leneghan, The Scoop)
Frank Turner is great at writing uplifting, empowering and motivational tracks, but this one tops them all. His punk vocals alongside the folk-rock sound of the Sleeping Souls instantly makes you want to air-punch. And, of course, the most obvious reason is the lyrics themselves, that focus on striving to be your best!

Huey Newton – St. Vincent. (Addison Paterson, Deputy Head of Music)
It’s impossible to listen to this song and not feel like you’re going to smash whatever you need to do. I often listen to it when I’m walking to class and I know I’m about to be asked questions on something I know nothing about, it helps!

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon (Jessica Lawrence, Meme Girls)
This became me and my friends anthem over the summer before they all moved away from uni, and ultimately became number one on my Top Songs of 2016. It’s just such a classic bop, even if the lyrics don’t match the energetic tune. Every time I hear it I’m reminded of the good memories me and my friends had and motivates me to get through the day. Especially because it’s quite a long song, I try to make it to class before it finishes (never works, my legs are too tiny), but the thought is there. Plus, the bass solo towards the end is just #iconic

Gagarin – Public Service Broadcasting (Daniel Bennett, VoxStu)
It’s pure funk. What better way to celebrate the achievements of Yuri Gagarin than with funk? Plus if you’re looking for motivation what better than the first person to go into space? Yes your essay might be tough but his return to Earth got up to 10g, three times heavier than any modern crew returning to earth. Yes you might have to give a presentation but Yuri had to press a button and parachute out of a metal ball travelling at about 130m/ second. So really you can do that exam if you be like Yuri.

Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon (Daniel Boyd, The Recap)
It isn’t exactly motivational – I’ve got other songs which are arguably better for that, songs that make me feel like I could fight an army alone. This song just motivates me to be happy, to keep walking, to smile through the crap I’d sooner avoid.

Robot Rock/Oh Yeah – Alive 2007 – Daft Punk (Eilis Lee, Wednesdazed and Confused)
Makes me that little bit more energetic for every 9.55 a.m. sprint to get to 10 a.m. class and the entire album has soundtracked many a 9-hour shift in work. Plus, it’s just an absolute JAM – nobody does electro production like classic Daft Punk.

Darth Vader – Highasakite (Bethany Crooks)
This track gets me so pumped. It has a really interesting drum line and nonsensical “do-do”s for the chorus and I just love it!

My Shot – The Hamilton Mixtape (Nicole Harper)
You can’t listen to those lyrics and not be inspired to get off your butt and do something. It centres around that idea that you can’t get anything you don’t work for. The whole album is full of gems like this, but this one has Busta Rhymes giving me a good kick when I need it, which is too often.

Keep Quiet – The Protomen (Josh McCullough)
Honestly, the whole album is an incredibly uplifting rock opera (until the end) but the song about releasing pent up frustrations is the absolute high point and always gives me the motivation to do something great (or at least try to).

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage The Elephant (Jane Corscadden, Meme Girls)
One of the songs on the iconic ‘Walk Like a Badass’ Spotify playlist, its a song that makes me walk to class that little bit faster. Not entirely sure what noting this song as motivational says for my character, but it is a tune.

Emancipator – Greenland (Seamus Barnett, Fawlty Airwaves)
It’s super relaxing and like all of their songs, it just gets my brain into work mode. Plus, there’s no no lyrics or anything to distract you!

Lift Me Up – Five Finger Death Punch feat Rob Halford (Matt Kirk, Maximum RPM)
I’m going bald. Ivan Moody and Rob Halford are both bald. Ivan Moody and Rob Halford both kick some serious heavy metal butt. I now know it is okay to go bald. I have embraced the baldness and their kick butt attitude!

Shake, Shake, Shake – Bronze Radio Return (Hannah Costello)
I think the song just has a really happy beat to it and you can’t help but sing along. It has gotten me through some really stressful coursework.

Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Hannah McVeigh, Head of Presenting)
This is the track that can get me out of the house when I really don’t want to leave my bed sometimes. I just blast this and it automatically makes me want to jump out of bed and dance because of the catchy chorus and beat. Motivational music is brilliant for distracting you from negative feelings like “I have no energy”!

The Middle – Jimmy Eat World (Adelyn Liu)
Because everyone could do with a song to remind them that life is a ride and not all bad times will last.