It’s that time of year again folks! The 22nd iteration of Q-Con is upon us. Every year, thousands of enthusiastic gaming and anime fans flock to the convention to socialize, dress up and take part in a huge amount of events. For Q-Con Veterans, plans of action for the weekend may be well established, but if you’re new to Q-Con or just looking for some amazing novel experiences, we’re here to fill you in on some of the exciting things you can dive into. The convention starts on Friday 19th June and powers on through the weekend, filled with a diverse range of things to do.

First off the bat is Q-Con’s newest behemoth, Q-Concert (Loving the pun guys). This is sure to be one of the most popular events at Q-Con, with the Irish Video Game Orchestra and the Voice of the Dragon Choir teaming up to give you a whole range of musical numbers from well-loved video games. This is not an event to miss folks, with music from World of Warcraft, Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda (and more!) being craftfully woven in front of your very eyes! The doors open at Elmwood Hall at 7pm Friday and Saturday, with the shows commencing at 8pm. Tickets are just a quid, with all the money going to charity. We have a feeling tickets for this will be selling like mad, so get them while you can!



Next on the roster at Q-Con is a range of eSport tournaments for those who lean towards the ‘PC MasterRace’ camp. These competitions will take place across the weekend, including games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2. If this tickles your fancy, head on up to the top floor of the Student’s Union and go to the Club rooms and SUTV, where spectators can watch and enjoy some of the best players in Ireland duke it out all weekend.



In amidst these exciting new ventures within the convention, the Friday Night Comedy Club returns with hilarious freestylin’ Abandoman, supported by George Firehorse and Matthew Collins. The event will also welcome SU regular Colin Murphy as compere, ensuring an end to your friday full of humour and geeky references. Doors open at 21:30 and the show starts at 22:00, allowing you plenty of time to immerse yourself in the rest of Q-Con throughout the day. Friday Night Comedy will be held in the Mandela Hall and a £1`charity donation is encouraged for the tickets.


After that, if you’ve still got energy left, we recommend you make your way over to the Bunatee Bar for RETRO_CON, a DJ night filled with anime, gaming and alternative music that will be sure to meet your Q-Con dancing quota. The Bunatee will be open from 9:00PM, with DJ sets beginning at 11:30.

As Saturday looms, Con-goers will be joyful to know that the Q-Con Pub Quiz is back and better than ever in the Speakeasy bar, testing the brink of your knowledge on all things music, anime, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and many more. This starts at 7PM and is followed directly by Club Q-Con, which provides you with another outlet to have a bit of a drink and a jive in a nerdier-than-normal environment.

One of the huge themes that comes to mind when thinking of Q-Con is Cosplay. Q-Con would just not be the same without it’s amazing variety of costumes and get ups that appear every year, and this year will be no different. If you’re someone who has been prepping a costume for a while, Q-Con is the place to flaunt it. The weekend heavily facilitates cosplayers, with events like the Cosplay Masquerade Catwalk, which enables you to show off your costume in all its’ glory to the world, with prizes up for grabs for the best ones. In a similar vein, the Cosplay Variety show provides a platform for you to perform in costume, greating scenes and skits at your pleasure. This is one of the main pillars that holds up this event, and defines a lot of what Q-Con is and can be, so it’s worth your while to check it out.



It goes without saying that there are so many things happening this weekend that it is impossible to highlight them all, but it is important to acknowledge that there are literally stacks and stacks of events to go to at Q-Con. Apart from thos previously mentioned, there are Anime and Film screenings daily, a range of education talks from some of the industries’ brightest and most creative minds alongside masses of card tournaments, tabletop gaming, role playing and of course, video game tournaments. It will be a challenge for you to experience all of these things over the weekend, but I dare you to give it a go, and immerse yourself in one of the best events you’ll go to this year.