‘Most people have gone through the things that Ryan sings about, but even if you haven’t, he makes you feel like you have.’

As the unyielding crowd descended upon the Waterfront Hall in Belfast; I couldn’t help but look in awe. For a group who had only been together for just over a year, selling out such a venue is a massive achievement, and it was clear to see how they did it. Their fans have such a love for the songs and the guys themselves. It’s real. Real music, real instruments, real songs, real emotions; and that is something that is rare and hard to find in the ever-growing cult music scene.

The standing area was already near full when I arrived, even though the doors had just opened. Catherine McGrath was the first support act. Once dubbed the ‘heiress to the Taylor throne’; Catherine showed exactly why she is causing waves. Her own brand of country-esque folk pop was endearing and the perfect start to the night.

Orchid Collective were up next and they added their beautiful atmospheric indie ballads to the mix. Easy to listen to with swirling melodies, delay guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section, definitely a band to check out and follow. They play Belfast on 6th July in the Empire – go get tickets.

Then the main event. The lights go down and what can only be described as an earth-shattering roar went up as Picture This took the stage. What followed was one of the best live performances I have ever experienced. Anthemic rock at its upmost best, mixed with songs like ‘Jane’ and ‘Pretend’ that are stripped and almost vulnerable, show that these guys can do it all. It is a roller coaster of emotions. Most people have gone through the things that Ryan sings about, but even if you haven’t, he makes you feel like you have.

If you haven’t seen Picture This live then you need to make it a priority. If you have a bucket list, put it at the top. They are taking off, so make sure you’re along for the ride.

I was lucky enough to interview Ryan and Jimmy before the show, have a listen below.

Ciaran McManus

Ciaran McManus

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Ciaran McManus