Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut as an enthusiastic young man who will go to any lengths necessary to be successful

 Starring alongside Rene Russo (The Thomas Crown Affair, Thor), Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, Prisoners) once again proves his versatility as an actor by playing the highly intelligent but socially awkward Louis ‘Lou’ Bloom. Jobless and resorting to stealing, Lou becomes embroiled in and obsessed with the gritty world of ‘nightcrawling’, the name given to freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles.

Nightcrawling refers to cameramen who follow police callouts to the scene of a crime in order to film footage which can then be bought and used by news television channels. In an effort to expand his newly-established business and compete with a rival nightcrawler, played by Bill Paxton (Apollo 13, Edge of Tomorrow), Lou hires the witless Rick (Riz Ahmed) knowing he is homeless and desperate for money, and will do almost anything he asks if the price is right. Russo plays Nina, a morning news director for a failing local news station who is impressed by Bloom’s work, and with her encouragement Lou improves as a cameraman and his footage begins to increase the station’s faltering ratings. As Lou becomes increasingly obsessed with producing more shocking and graphic footage, things take a much darker turn when he and his partner arrive at the house of an armed robbery in a wealthy suburb before the police get there.

Russo’s character serves as an atypical ‘love interest’ for Lou, as he begins to blur the lines between professionalism and their personal lives through manipulation and blackmail. British-born Michael Hyatt plays Fronteiri, a police detective investigating the armed robbery who becomes suspicious of Lou’s work.

Nightcrawler’s fast-paced and continuously turning plot will have you gripped throughout, along with an outstanding performance from Gyllenhaal, a constantly improving actor who just refuses to be typecast.

Rating: 90%
Director: Dan Gilroy
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed
Genre: Crime Thriller
Running Time: 117 minutes

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