In the hours since US President Donald Trump signed his contentious, potentially unconstitutional executive order, which temporarily halts entry to the US for all nationals of seven Muslim-majority Middle Eastern and African countries – including Syria, Yemen, Iran and Somalia – there has been huge uproar in many parts of America.

As well as preventing any refugees from entering the country, this temporary ban, colloquially labelled the ‘Muslim ban’, prevents any citizens of the seven countries who were travelling to the USA whilst the order was signed from passing through airport immigration and re-entering the US. Massive crowds, supported by some members of Congress, have gathered at airports across the US, especially JFK, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sent lawyers to airports including LAX to assist with any detainees’ legal representation. According to Buzzfeed, some of New York City’s cab drivers have even gone on strike to protest Trump’s action, refusing to pick up passengers at JFK and in the process losing some of their biggest fares.

Many musicians have also joined the public protests seen across America, taking to social media to air their views to their masses of followers. Janelle Monáe recently tweeted her support of the NYC taxi strike:

Best Coast, Teagan and Sara, and Josh Groban tweeted their resistance:

Many also echoed John Legend’s urge to donate to organisations like the International Rescue Committee (IRC):

Others, like Grimes and Sia, have gone even further, promising to match any of their fans’ donations to organisations including the ACLU and the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR):

As well as refugees, US dual-nationals, and even US green card holders, UK dual nationals – including Iraqi-born Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon Nadhim Zahawi and Somali-born Olympian Sir Mo Farah – will also be affected by the order. BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James even weighed in on the situation from our side of the pond:

Whether the executive order will become permanent is currently unknown, but there are reports that Canadian Prime Minister and liberal heartthrob Justin Trudeau has declared that Canada will accept the refugees being barred from their southern neighbour.

UPDATE: In the 12-or-so hours since this article was written, the federal court have granted the ACLU a stay in their challenge to Trump’s immigration ban and there are reports that the state of Washington, led by Governor Jay Inslee, will be taking Trump and his administration to court. Mo Farah also Tweeted a link to his response to the immigration ban news:

Keep your eyes on Twitter and news organisations for more information, but make sure to verify sources as always.

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