Maximum RPM

Matthew Kirk

Sunday (9pm to 11pm) – Rock, Punk & Metal

About Maximum RPM

What is your show about? 

As Queen’s Radio’s hub for all things loud and rock n’ roll, Maximum RPM offers 120 minutes of the very best in what the world of rock, punk and metal has to offer! Featuring classic sing-a-long tracks, the best in brand new releases, gig news, interviews and more, Maximum RPM is the perfect end to your long week. Quite simply… it’s rock, punk and metal to the maximum!

How long have you been doing a show?

I have presented and produced Maximum RPM on QR for 3 years (as well as for 1 year at STAR Radio in St Andrews, Scotland). Why? Simple: Since 2013, Maximum RPM has aimed to bring the best in rock, punk and metal to the student airwaves and offer listeners a real musical alternative to what had previously (and currently) exists on Queen’s Radio.

What is your favourite feature/part of your show?


3 albums everyone should listen to?

“Meliora” by Ghost “As Daylight Dies” by Killswitch Engage “All You Can Eat” by Steel Panther

What other shows do you enjoy listening to on QR?

Hot Diggity – Friday¬†(8pm – 9pm), Alternative Airwaves – Monday (4pm – 6pm) are both great. Also, check out Paul “no we’re not related” Kirk’s Sunday Night Skim – Sunday (7pm – 8pm).