Lasers are nowadays powerful enough to pop balloons, melt a car from a mile away and as of this week… cool water.

Yep, you read that correctly, lasers, the things primarily portrayed as superhot death rays, are now being used to drop temperatures instead of raising them.

An infrared laser was used to excite electrons in a tiny crystal that was suspended in the water, the glow it produced had more energy than the amount of light it absorbed, so it carried heat away from the crystal and thus the surrounding water.

As I am not a trained physicist, I am not even going to attempt to understand how that works let alone try to explain to you guys how it works, so suffice it to say that it’s just magic.

Anyway, this tech is pretty interesting and has already been explored for two completely different ventures.

Firstly, electronics developers are hoping to use it to create tiny points of cooling that will prevent circuit components from overheating. This is useful because it will be more specific than other forms of cooling and would be much less bulky than a conventional fan or water cooled system.

The other hopeful venture for this technology lies with the US air force who want to use it to control the weather. Of course they are saying that it can prevent or reduce the impact of hurricanes but everyone knows the illuminati is going to use it to create tsunamis and hurricanes to wipe us all out… right guys?

Well at the end of the day, whether it be for raining hell on the enemies of ‘Murica or keeping your microprocessors cold, there is no doubt that lasers are COOL.

Although I highly doubt that anyone out there didn’t already believe that lasers are cool!

Chris Hastings

Chris Hastings

Chris, a Microbiology student, sci-fi writer and self-proclaimed nerd, is a new writer for The Scoop News. Chris writes about scientific news topics in an accessible and entertaining way.
Chris Hastings