A comedy film which feels like a breath of fresh air, starring two female leads despite its lack of originality

Hot Pursuit is a comedy film directed by Anne Fletcher, written by David Feeney and John Quaintance. It stars Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara with a pleasant cameo from Robert Kazinsky. Although not a highly anticipated release this summer, Hot Pursuit can often make you laugh with the clever one liners but can also make you cringe just as quickly.

Witherspoon stars as Rose Cooper, a San Antonio Police Department officer who was benched in the evidence locker after an accident out on the field. Cooper became an officer after her father, whom she was trained by ever since she was a little girl. However, the years of watching her father fight criminals and an accident out on the field has turned her into a ‘play by the rules’ officer. Without giving spoilers, Cooper is assigned to protect a witness named Felipe Riva (Vincent Laresca) and his wife Daniella (Sofia Vergara), who are both set to testify against a notorious cartel leader Vincente Cortez. As expected in a comedy film, the plan goes to dust within the first few minutes of the film, and it leads to Cooper and Daniella on the run from the police and mistakenly seen as two fugitives. The film follows the same pattern of the typical hate you/love you scenario; the two women butt heads constantly and can never see eye to eye but by the end of the film they have become somewhat friends.

The film was directed by Anne Fletcher who has directed other well-known and successful films such as The Proposal (2009), Step Up (2006)  and Hot Pursuit may or may not follow. Throughout the film, more than a few scenes are quite slow at times, and there seems to be no sequences that stand out – it almost feels as if Fletcher is relying upon the actors to do the work as well as the script.

Personally, I enjoyed the film regardless of its obvious flaws. Apart from the directing, the actors were at fault for some awkward to watch scenes; Witherspoon gives an alright performance as Rose Cooper but it is certainly not as great as her previous roles and she often comes across as annoying and uptight. However, Vergara is largely to blame; her acting at times is melodramatic and awkward, and her accent also makes it tough to understand her throughout the film. Despite the lack of originality and the sometimes awkward performances, it was great to see two female leads starring in this comedy film.

Rating – 50%

Director – Anne Fletcher

Cast – Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, Robert Kazinsky, Matthew Del Negro and Michael Mosley

Genre – Comedy

Running Time – 87 minutes