Chris Hastings

Head of Online Content

“The deep and lovely dark. We’d never see the stars without it.”
12th Doctor (Listen)

About me

How long have you been at Queen’s Radio?

I’ve only been at QR or a year now but in that time I learnt a lot about the society and really caught the bug for it, so I’m over the moon to be working on the committee for this year.

What does the Head of Online Content and Promotion do?

The Head of Online Content and Promotion is a new role created for this year through combination of the Head of Advertising and the Head of Online content.

My role involves maintaining the high quality of online content that we have here on the QR website. I am essentially the editor for anything that goes up on the website, including blog posts, music reviews and other articles.

The other half of my responsibility here on the QR committee is to run the social media machine for QR and make sure all of our listeners, readers and members are well informed of what’s happening in, on and around Queens Radio!

How can people get in contact with you?

For anything related to Online Content or Promotion at Queens Radio, you can contact me by email at

For anything specific to me, you can email

For anything general you can always message the QR facebook page (Queen’s Radio – Official) or tweet us @QueensRadio

What is the best thing about Belfast?

It’s very small for a city, which is handy for getting around because it usually takes no longer than half an hour to walk from one side of city centre to the other. It’s also well laid out and pretty impossible to get lost in which is great for prospective students worried about finding their way around.

Who is your favourite band/artist?

Stereotypical music fans answer: I can’t pick one! It changes faster than the weather!

At the minute though I am currently enjoying the latest work by the American electronic/synthwave artist Randy Goffe who is better known by his stage name HOME.

What is your favourite pizza topping?

My favourite topping is whatever they put on a Florentine, it changes from restaurant to restaurant. Usually ham egg and spinach though.

If you could choose any actor/actress to play “you” in a blockbuster film about your life, who would it be?

Well before I got new and slightly less nerdy glasses and started dying my hair, people used to say I looked like Daniel Radcliffe. Funnily enough we both have dyspraxia and are nearly the same age so his portrayal of me would be quite wand-erful… sorry.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

Gorillaz, The O2 Dublin, 11 November 2010. To this day still the best gig I’ve ever been at. Cannot wait for their new album to drop so I can go and see them again!