The 25-year-old English singer songwriter blows the roof off Limelight with a Gloriously vibrant performance.

When Foxes arrived on the scene over two years ago with the mournful electro throbs & galloping beats of ‘Youth’, it was clear that she was on the road to greatness. Two years later and the release of her debut album ‘Glorious’, the Southampton born singer has become a pop sensation, with collaborations with Rudimental and Zedd and even an appearance of Doctor Who.

Belfast’s ‘The Limelight’ is renowned for bringing in fresh new talent that’s making waves in the music industry, and Foxes was no exception. With support from ‘Arianna & the Rose’, who brings tracks such as ‘In Your Bed’ and ‘Heartbeat’ can almost been see as a Foxes of the Future.

It’s not long however until the Grammy award winner takes to the stage with a performance of melodic hits akin to an artist with multiple albums under their belt, never mind just one. Arriving on stage with her hair in pigtails and a sparkling varsity jacketing embroidered with the initials ‘FU’, she brings a cheeky yet innocent attitude to the performance. She begins with the albums opening track ‘Talking To Ghost’, a song with enough excitable build to prepare the audience for what is to follow. A display of her diversity arrives halfway through the show, with her famous mash up of Pharell’s ‘Happy’ with Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’, a perfect example of her vocal talent and musical unification. The Rudimental collaboration ‘Right Here’ and an acoustic performance of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ have the audience singing intently. However the real power arrives when she belts out such hits as ‘Holding Onto Heaven’, ‘Glorious’, ‘Let Go For Tonight’ and the aforementioned ‘Youth’ which nearly brings the singer to tears as the audience belts out the liberating lyric “Don’t tell me our youth is running out, It’s only just begun.”

The line is a perfect example of the future of Foxes things have really only just begun for this young pop star. Touring with Pharrell during the summer and collaboration with distinguished producer Giorgio Moroder on his new album will only enhance the growing recognition of the glorious Foxes. 

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