In our previous edition of QR Spotlight, we looked at QR’s own Tabitha Buckley’s fundraising for The Little Princess Trust and Cancer Research UK. This Friday, on what is recognised globally as World Pancreatic Cancer Day, QR Spotlight are honoured to showcase the outstanding efforts of Fight on for Annie.

Established by Gráinne O’Neill following the passing of her mother Anne, the Armagh-based charity has grown by leaps and bounds and has raised significant funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK & Pancreatic Cancer Action UK. Equally important, however, is the goal to provide a greater awareness of pancreatic cancer. “Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is, sort of, being left behind compared to other cancers… We haven’t had as many developments in the last few years”, Gráinne explained, “…it’s usually diagnosed quite late and the symptoms can be quite general, therefore, it’s hard to diagnose… In Northern Ireland, it is the cause of nearly 6% of all the cancer deaths, which is quite shocking, and it is the 11th most common cancer in Northern Ireland”.


Gráinne speaking at Stormont as part of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Since its launch in October 2014, Fight on for Annie has been involved in various forms of fundraising – from bake sales and participating in the Armagh 4-Mile Run, to the spectacular Purple Gala Ball, recently held at the Europa Hotel in Belfast – altogether raising upwards of a staggering £37,000. Yet, throughout Gráinne’s tireless work, she is quick to recognise the massive support within her local community and across Northern Ireland. “Everyone is just unbelievable. Every time we put up something on Facebook… to ask people to either donate their time or their money, everyone is just always looking to chip in somehow”, said Gráinne, “…we can’t do what we do unless we get the support and it makes everything worthwhile, so I just really can’t thank people enough. It’s just unbelievable and it is so overwhelming!”.

Listen to Queen’s Radio’s full interview with Gráinne O’Neill below:




Global Awareness: Amongst her various fundraising activities, Gráinne has even trekked The Great Wall of China

Editor’s Note 

In preparation for writing this edition of QR Spotlight, I spent considerable time looking back over the story of Fight on for Annie, particularly through their social media, in an effort to try and make this article as great as it possibly can be. However, as I conclude writing and after (once again) re-listening to my interview with Gráinne, I have realised that there is nothing that I can really say to make the story of Gráinne and Fight on for Annie, which has touched myself and many others at Queen’s Radio, any more great than it already is.

I urge all of you reading this to get involved in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in some form – even if it is something as small as wearing purple, sharing a social media status or telling your friends and family about the charity. As no matter how small a gesture it may seem, in the grand scheme of things, it’s an invaluable contribution towards a wonderful cause.





To find out more about the phenomenal work of Fight on for Annie, please visit their social media pages:

Facebook: , Twitter: @beatPC

Alternatively, you can email Fight on for Annie at and find out how you can get involved.

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