Fawlty Airwaves

Seamus Barnett

Thursday¬†(9pm to 10pm) –¬†Underground Electronic Music: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Glitch Hop


What is your show about? 

We play local and international music from our favorite artists, give reviews of new releases and host local DJ’s.

How long have you been doing a show?

Since about January 2016. We started the show to motivate ourselves to look for new, exciting acts and to showcase some of the music that we have found over the last few years.

What is your favourite feature/part of your show?

Our local acts feature, in which we play a local producers music.

3 albums everyone should listen to?

Calibre – Even If
Inspected Records – Movember Collection
Gramatik – Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1

What other shows do you enjoy listening to on QR?

Buckfast at Tiffanys & Sonic Sessions