QR Events

Varied, Often and Never To Be Missed

QR has always strived to produce as many varied and professional events since its creation. 2013/14 saw QR run its largest collection of events ever; over 60 unique events, from DJ nights to comedy and local music showcases/competitions. We have three main public events at QR; our annual sell-out QR Jukebox (view to bringing this biannual), our monthly (term-time) Belfast-wide recognised comedy night named Radio HaHa and our local music night, QR Sessions Live. Our events team, headed by our Head of Events also provides members with numerous meetings, pub nights and crawls alongside numerous other plans.

If you have a query regarding putting on an event with us, please contact our Head of Events at the contact form at the bottom of the page; we have collaborated with many local organisations pulling in numbers nearing 500, and can accommodate much more!

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Got an event idea? Email EilĂ­s, Head of Events at QR

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