Prior to the verification of both the QUB Sinn Fein Irish Unity Referendum and the Neutrality Referendum, Democratic Unionist Association Chair, Jack Patterson, made the following statement to The Scoop:

“The DUA believes Sinn Fein’s attempted referendum to get the Student’s Union at Queen’s to support a united Ireland to be an irresponsible move that will be bad for the reputation and the future of the university.

Sinn Fein are only attempting to carry out their referendum because they believe that if they get a vote in favor of a united Ireland at Queen’s then they be will provided with some comfort in the pursuit of their illusionary dream of a united Ireland which seems increasingly unrealistic and has less support at this moment in time than it ever has.

“In the last few days we have worked with other student groups at Queen’s to launch a counter-petition for our own referendum. We have received overwhelming support from the student body and many are grateful to us for standing up for all students at Queen’s. We have received the signatures required and are now awaiting verification for a referendum to take place.

 Our referendum seeks to give students a chance to stand up to Sinn Fein’s narrow minded political agenda and instead promotes a shared space which is inclusive of all students. It also seeks to maintain a neutral position on the constitutional question at Queen’s. I myself am I proud and committed unionist, but places of education and learning are not the place to force particular political agendas upon people, like Sinn Fein are doing.”

To find out more about both the Irish Unity Referendum, and the ‘keep QUB neutral’ referendum, make sure you attend ‘The Big Referenda Debate” tomorrow night at the MBC, room LT2, at 6:30pm. Those wishing to attend must bring a VALID student ID card.  (hosted in collaboration with The Gown)


Tori Watson

Tori Watson

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