Last Friday night, yeah we danced on table tops, and we took too many shots, think Will kissed a girl whose hot…whoops, maybe I should backtrack a little here.

The date:

Friday the 7th of November – for those who tuned in, they were privy to the amazing experience of: (cue X-Factor announcer’s voice) ‘The QR DCUFM Takeover’.

Wait, the what?

The DCUFM Takeover? Well gee, if you don’t know about it, let me tell you my friend. DCU – or, translation for those of you who don’t know, Dublin City University – travelled up last Friday to join some of your favourite QR radio personalities for a night of banter and pure craic. There was laughter, music and games like ‘Would I Lie To You?’ and ‘Shower Gel Or Energy Drink?’. There was the effort of squashing about sixty people into our tiny production room in the SU, drinks in the Speakeasy, and I think somewhere between all that we had a round of ‘Monkey News’, and somehow decided that wasps are completely unnecessary as a species…too true, right? During the three hour slot, each of the fifty seven society members who made the trek had a chance to introduce themselves to our airwaves, and boy did they have a lot to say!

Aw no, I can’t believe I missed it!

I know-how could you have possibly had anything more important to do?! It was the definition of pure epicness…but never fear! We at QR are nothing if not a generous folk. Recordings of the best bits of the show have been put together to fill you in on all you missed, courtesy of the wonderful Simon Howard (what a ledge!). Just click on the player at the bottom of the page, sit back and enjoy. Call it an early Christmas present, just ’cause we love ya! *winky face*

And to top it off, we’ll give you something else to look forward to. Our Southern sidekicks are hosting their very own takeover next semester in DCU. You’ll get to hear your own home-grown presenters go head to head with DCUFM’s finest. Watch this space lads, it’s going to be fierce…I mean, they had Punjabi music. We have to find a way to top that… Make sure you tune in and find out how!

Listen to the highlights of the DCUFM Takeover here:


Ellie Lawlor

Ellie Lawlor

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