To see four men stand in a state of emotional paralysis, where they are unable to do anything but stand and smile in amazement as over one thousand people emit waves of cheering support and heartfelt appreciation;  was truly a sight and sound to behold.  The Coronas played host to a raucous crowd, who made sure that the band were fully aware of how much they were enjoying themselves, with a performance that showed that their success in Ireland was by no means, a fluke.

Belfast based Indie-Synth Pop group ‘Pleasure Beach’ opened the show with a performance filled with swirling melodies, smooth harmonies and beats you couldn’t help but dance too. They did a fantastic job in setting the tone for the night.  The pure joy of playing music was etched on their faces throughout their set; a feeling which no doubt carried over to the accepting crowd. I fully believe that this fantastic band will be soon headlining their own gig in the Ulster Hall in the near future.

About 25 minutes after the opening set, the lights go down amidst a hum of excitement. The signature opening synth that is associated with a ‘Coronas gig, swells from the speakers. The band appeared on stage amongst rapturous applause and high pitched screams from their adoring fans. They launched into ‘How This Goes’ , immediately getting those in attendance into the mood with its infectious guitar hooks and soaring chorus, setting the scene for over an hour’s worth of incredible music.

Their setlist was brilliantly structured to maintain diversity between songs, contrasting anthems such as ‘Just like that’ and ‘All The Others’, with slow burning ballads such as ‘My Fault’ and ‘Someone Else’s Hands.’ Another method they used to avoid similarity, was switching the lead vocals to guitarist Dave McPhillips, for his beautiful song ‘Tell me again’.

The Coronas ensured that fans of all levels were catered for, with new comers being treated to the bands most recent singles such as ‘Get Loose and ‘The Long Way’, while also playing songs from their first three albums for the more accustomed eg. Crowd favourites ‘San Diego Song’ and ‘Heroes or Ghosts.’ They even rounded off the night with a bit of crowd surfing, as front man Danny O’Reilly leapt into the fans during the finale of ‘Mark My Words’.

It is easy to see why The Coronas have four Double Platinum albums. They combine incredibly polished and smooth recordings with a live performance that never ceases to amaze. O’Reilly has all the tools necessary to be a front man, with his infectious persona that is oozing with enthusiasm. They connect with fans so effortlessly, partly due to the real emotion that is invested into their songs, seen clearly in the face of O’Reilly during their performance of ‘My Fault; and also seen in the eagerness of fans to sing their hearts out along with them, joined in the incredible art that is music.

To see how far these 4 guys have come in the last 5 years has been nothing short of astonishing. Without the break of luck that has been afforded to bands such as ‘Kodaline’ and ‘The Script’, they have battled their way up through the industry, playing every town and venue they could. While they would have every right to feel aggrieved by this, they remain as motivated as ever to climb the ladder and enjoy being able to do something they love as a job. The only way is up for The Coronas in the coming years, and all of us here at Queens Radio are eager to see how much they can accomplish.

We were able to catch up with the frontman before the gig. Listen to the interview with Danny O’Reilly below!

Ciaran McManus

Ciaran McManus

Hi I'm Ciaran, just a typical Irish fella, studying Law at Queens, big fan of The Coronas and LFC. Avid WWE Fan, Host of 'The Rambling Man' on Queens Radio and guitarist in The Stereotypes.
Ciaran McManus