5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer

There isn’t a radio DJ (or teenage girl) who could argue that 5 Seconds of Summer are taking the music charts by storm these days.

In Summer 2014, the Australian 4-piece launched their debut self-titled album ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ in the midst of the whirlwind of supporting One Direction on their worldwide tour. So, it comes as no surprise that when you combine four headband-wearing, drumstick-yielding under 21’s it makes for a Number 1 album in over 60 countries.

Following massive success in the singles chart, ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ boasts popular tracks including No.1 hit ’She Looks So Perfect’, as well as ’Good Girls’ and ‘Don’t Stop.’ This is the perfect album to have in the car – a few listens and the words are just THERE.

Moving on to the tracks themselves, after working with the Madden Brothers of Good Charlotte the album boasts some cheeky lyrics, nostalgic of those of Good Charlotte, with their own twists added in. It has to be said that whilst bands such as 5SOS (as they are known to their fans) are linked to the usual ‘boyband persona’ there is something delightfully All Time Low and early Blink 182 about this album – not quite grunge, but just enough pop-punk.

The most refreshing thing about the band is that they can all play instruments, and come from humble roots; starting on YouTube by posting covers. Tracks such as ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Beside You’ depict the members leaving home to pursue fame, and who doesn’t love a bit of meaning behind a song?

To sum up, this album has differentiation in tracks, including that one track everyone loves when it comes on in a club. So, whether you’re in American Apparel underwear or ripped skinny jeans, give this one a go – you may just find yourself surprise by how non-stereotypical and talented these Aussies really are! Definitely a group to watch in the future.

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