There is always a palpable sense of excitement before the start of a concert and Walking On Cars was not exception to that rule. The opening chords for Tick Tock were received amidst enthusiastic cheers and suspenseful pauses, which kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Although hard to beat that opening act, in their next song, Two Stones managed to achieve the hard feat of maintaining the momentum by building up on the crowd’s enthusiasm. This just made them hungry for more, myself included.

Listening to At Gunpoint live was almost a spiritual experience – their soft chants of ‘hallelujah’ gave me the chills. Unsurprisingly, the Ship Goes Down was another definite crowd-pleaser and Nothing’s Impossible‘s slow crescendo towards the middle of the song was artistry in itself.

Their performance for Always Be With You was elevated momentously when the band members’ voices slowly chimed in. Interestingly, they test-ran Coldest Water (their newest inspiration piece) for feedback on whether or not it should be scrapped, and I fervently pray that they decided to go with the audiences unanimous vote against it.

Don’t Mind Me has been ringing in my head for three consecutive days after their performance, but ultimately the pinnacle moment was during Flying High, Falling Low and Hand in Hand, mostly due to the fact that I’m biased towards it.

Love Backs Down blew past all my expectations, especially when coupled together with their heartfelt rendition of James Vincent McMorrow’s We Don’t Eat. Lastly, Speeding Car, their most iconic song, was a definitely a crowd favourite.

If overpraising is a sin, then I’m guilty as charged.  Nonetheless, it’s bands that love what they do that allows us to experience an amazing live show. Thanks for the memorable night, guys!