Chris Leneghan

Head of News and Current Affairs

“Nobody wins unless everybody wins” – Bruce Springsteen

Role Description

Who are you and what do you study? 

My name is Chris Leneghan, I am studying a Masters in Law and I am our Head of News & Current Affairs. I joined at Freshers’ Fair in 2015. I was interested in getting more involved in the Student’s Union as well as journalism and I have been a huge fan of radio for a long time, so when I noticed the stall for The Scoop it was an easy decision.

What does the Head of News & Current Affairs do?

I keep up to date with the current affairs & news story happening in and around Queen’s University Belfast. I also help any other news journalists in the society, whether it is helping them to source information, conduct interviews or piece an article together. I host The Scoop, a current affairs show at QUB, and I regularly have students and SU Officers on to discuss relevant topics. If you’re interesting in getting into news journalism or broadcasting, send me a message! It would be great to have you on board!

How can people get in contact with you?

You can get in contact with me at

What do you like to do in your spare time? (E.G hobbies, past times)

My free time is usually spent playing guitar, listening to podcasts (Myths and Legends is a current favourite of mine), finding new music and watching TV shows.

What is the best gig/concert you have ever been to?

Frank Turner never fails to put on an absolutely spectacular show. I have seen him twice now, and both times have been spectacular. Even if you have never listened to a song of his, I encourage you to try to get to one of his shows (he tours regularly). His stage presence and crowd interaction is second to none.

If you could go to dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

Easy decision – Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem. My girlfriend often accuses me of being obsessed with Fallon. I am a huge fan of all of his music projects and I have had the pleasure of meeting him before and he is just a lovely guy. I would also allow Fallon to bring a +1 and ask him to bring his friend Bruce Springsteen. Two’s company, three’s a party.

3 albums everyone should listen to?

’59 Sound – The Gaslight Anthem
Nebraska – Bruce Springsteen
Closing Time – Tom Waits

What is your favourite thing about Belfast?

I’m a big fan of Belfast. My favourite thing would probably have to be the continental market. I literally wait all year for it to come around, and I try to try all the different food available (I really love food) and the atmosphere is always great. I’m also a fan of the music scene in Belfast, which is too often ignored. Check out some local artists, or go see a gig in Limelight!

What is your favourite thing about Queen’s Radio?

The society as a whole operates fantastically, and has some outstanding shows, but all the while the presenters never take themselves too serious and it is obvious that they genuinely love presenting their shows. The fact that the shows are created and organised by the presenters themselves adds a lot of character and personality to the shows.