There are two kinds of people on Halloween: the people who go all out with clever, imaginative costumes, and then there’s the rest of us – the ones who procrastinate for weeks about what to wear, only to end up choosing something really really ridiculously plain and unoriginal at the last minute.

*cough* Harley Quinn *cough*.

 Don’t worry though, here’s a list of 10 costumes which are definitely a lot worse than whatever unimaginative piece of trash you’ve picked out for the occasion this year:

  1. Bin Bag Girl


Speaking of trash costumes, first on this list features a girl who decided it would be cool to literally just wrap herself in a bunch of bin bags so that she could transform into a mermaid.

Somewhere under the sea, Ariel is weeping.

      2. Saturday Night Darth Vader


Have you ever wondered what a sexy, latex and lace lingerie Darth Vader would look like?

Yeah, me neither.

3. Iron Man on a Budget


Because where would Tony Stark be without his rolls of badly stuck together cello tape and red fabric?

4. Sexy Harambe 


this is NOT okay. Seriously.

and while we’re on the topic of popular culture that went horribly wrong…

5. Sexy Ebola Nurse


The internet is weird.

6. Scooby Disproportionate Doo



7. Kitchen Warrior


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No .. no .. its just some wee boy wrapped in tin foil.

8. Serial Killer Olaf


Meanwhile, this version of Olaf looks like he’s going to kidnap your child and never .. let them go (hue hue).

9. Poo

But seriously, the perfect halloween costume doesn’t exi–


10. Wrecking Ball

And finally, there’s this costume…


… which leaves me speechless.

Now go, the world is your oyster! This halloween, embrace the mediocracy of your costumes!


James Lavery

James Lavery

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James Lavery