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Latest From QR

The politicical year ahead at QUB

The politicical year ahead at QUB

Another academic year is fast-approaching us. Freshers are preparing to open an exciting new chapter of their lives and current students are mentally preparing to make the slug back to university life as a long summer comes to a close. The upcoming academic year could possibly be one of the most monumentally significant for quite a number of years in student politics. Alas, as apathy continues on its upward trajectory, will anyone really take notice? Issue #1 – Tuition Fees Students from NI who have studied here have been far more fortunate than their counterparts in other parts of the UK, thanks to the NI Executive capping the tuition fee rate at £3,805. However, that may not last for much longer. The Minister in charge of tuition fees, the Alliance Party’s Dr. Stephen Farry, has signalled that there needs to be a conversation around how higher education is funded in Northern Ireland as the sector is increasingly coming under pressure due to a lack of funding. Earlier in August, President of NUS-USI used A-Level results day to reiterate his call for the scrapping of tuition fees, adding that “in the last year alone our tertiary education system has been the target of significant budget cuts. I would strongly urge our politicians in the Northern Ireland Assembly to reflect on the hope and opportunity that today provides to so many of our young people.” The likelihood that tuition fees will be removed is still something of a pipe-dream and the real battle will revolve around preventing any hike in fees. Issue #2 Budget Cuts How much longer can the NI... read more
QR Music Review: Ghost – “Meliora”

QR Music Review: Ghost – “Meliora”

Please be seated for the continuation of a terrifying heavy metal sermon in the return of Ghost. Sporting a brand new look to accompany the release of their third album Meliora, this Swedish 6-piece is preparing their ascent to the grandest pulpit atop the musical landscape.   Okay, I know exactly what you’re thinking. But remember, as kids we were always taught “never judge a book or its silver-faced demon spawn by its cover”. Nevertheless, Ghost (formerly known as Ghost B.C.) unquestionably stir up differing emotions and opinions amongst those who lay eyes upon them. While some may be offended by their Satanic symbolism or ridicule their extravagant appearance, one can’t help but marvel at the enigmatic figures of Papa Emeritus III and his band of “Nameless Ghouls”, whose rapidly growing congregation of fans include none other than Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl.    As an album, Meliora (Latin for “the pursuit of something better”) can be interpreted as such in its musicality. Evident in tracks like ‘Majesty’ and the first single released from the album ‘Cirice’, Ghost have incorporated a far more aggressive tone with stronger guitar riffs and a generally higher energy. On what is his first album with the group, Papa Emeritus III excellently picks up from where his predecessors (Papa Emeritus I & II) left off and gives the impression that he has been an ever-present fixture in the band. In comparison to their previous offering Infestissumam which included more traditional acoustic sounds, this albums sounds more like it came from a heavy metal band, but still retains some of the elements which makes Ghost so unique. Meliora‘s real strength, however, is lyrically. Using... read more
Queen’s Radio Reviews Hitman: Agent 47

Queen’s Radio Reviews Hitman: Agent 47

An abundance of bullet-frenzied fight scenes, car chases and slick scenic shots of exotic locations saves this assassin-based action flick from termination… but only just. When I was a teenager, the Hitman video game series was considered a modern classic. It was a simple idea but at the same time complex as it made you use your brain. It wasn’t “all guns blazing”, but about finesse. Most importantly, however, was the game’s protagonist, designated only as “Agent 47”. When you looked at this cold and featureless assassin, donning his crisp suit with the ultimately symbolic blood red tie, there was only one possible reaction – “what a bad**s!”. Now, think about that moment when you traded in your favourite game and the underwhelming sensation you had when receiving mere pennies for it in return… And there you have perhaps the greatest metaphor ever for a movie based on a video game. No problem. Feel free to use it. In what is “47”’s second big screen adaptation, but is in no way linked to the 2007 box office success Hitman, Rupert Friend (Homeland) adopts the role of the genetically engineered super assassin, starring alongside Hannah Ware (Boss; Betrayal) and Captain Kirk’s BFF, a.k.a. Zachary Quinto (Star Trek; Star Trek Into Darkness). In an attempt to thwart the recreation of the “Agent Program” which made him, “47” is tasked with eliminating its former research scientist, currently in exile and untraceable, before its details fall into enemy hands. His one lead is Katia Van Dees (Ware), believed to be his daughter and potentially key to his location who, at the same time, is also... read more

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